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How to Bring Nature into Your Space Without Plants

How to Bring Nature into Your Space Without Plant

Full article with thanks to: housebeautiful.com/uk/decorate/a39141071/5-clever-ways-to-bring-nature-into-your-home-that-dont-all-involve-plants Want to harness the healing power of the great outdoors? Spending time in green spaces has been shown to lower stress levels and ease mental fatigue, so it’s no surprise that people are increasingly favouring the natural look in their interiors, particularly over the past two years. It’s especially vital for […]

Wall Mirror Guide: Wall Mirror Placement

Mirror Guide Wall Mirror Placement

Pinned your favourite mirrors but don’t know where to place them in your home? Our article on wall mirror placement will help you figure it out. Full article with thanks to: mirrorcity.com.au/blogs/blogs/on-the-wall-tips-for-the-best-wall-mirror-placement-in-your-home You picked the perfect mirror that reflects your style and matches your decor. But where do you put it? Decorating with mirrors brightens your […]

How Do I Hang A Heavy Mirror?

How Do I Hang A Heavy Mirror?

Full article with thanks to: bhg.com/decorating/lessons/expert-advice/how-to-hang-a-mirror Proper preparation, including choosing the right hardware, is key to hanging a mirror, whether it’s above a vanity, on a brick wall, or a heavy statement piece. Because they reflect light around a room, decorating with mirrors is a quick trick to make spaces feel bigger and brighter. But hanging hefty […]

How To Maximum A Group Of Mirrors

How To Maximum A Group Of Mirrors

Full article with thanks to: houzz.co.uk/magazine/decorating-how-to-group-mirrors-together-for-impact-stsetivw-vs~48751962 Whether it’s an arrangement of vintage mirrors against a steely grey wall, twin decorative mirrors on either side of a living room chimney breast or a trio in different sizes above a bathroom basin – gathering mirrors together is a creative, and useful, design trick. Where will you put […]

The Basics: How to Decorate Your Home With Mirrors

mirror buying guide

Full article with thanks to: thespruce.com/decorate-with-mirrors-2213452 Mirrors are great for so many reasons—they reflect light, they open up spaces, and they just make rooms look better in general. But before you start hanging them left, right, and centre there are some things to keep in mind. Here are a few tips on how to decorate with […]

Different Mirror Shapes for Your Home

different shapes of wall mirrors

Full article with thanks to: victorianframecompany.com/blog/various-mirror-sizes-and-shapes-to-decorate-your-home Go for some mirror magic! Mirrors are affordable and nifty decorative tools that you can add to any room – even the kitchen! They can infuse light and energy into a space and multiply small spaces to make it seem airier and bigger. Now, here are some of the […]