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How to Care For Your Antique Mirrors

antique wall mirrors

Full article with thanks to: We have mirrors at home for a variety of reasons. For most people, mirrors are an essential item when preparing to leave the house in the morning. You need a mirror to touch up your makeup, shave effectively, tie your tie and many more. Additionally, mirrors can help you […]

Benefits to Upcycling Your Furniture

upcycling furniture

Full article with thanks to: We are all now much more focused on protecting the environment and our once-throw-away world is thankfully now starting to decrease. It’s not all about new in our homes and businesses and the trend now is buying upcycled older style furniture or in fact, upcycling yourself. Upcycling furniture is […]

How to Incoporate Art Deco Style into Your Home

art deco style

Full article with thanks to: If you look around any city with architecture from the early to mid-1900s, you’ll see signs of Art Deco. Both glamorous and distinctly industrial, Art Deco is cemented in history as an iconic design style. Perhaps its most famous example is the Empire State Building in New York, with […]

How Can I Repair My Wall Mirror?

repair broken mirror

Full article with thanks to: “Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” You may not have the answer to this question if your mirror is scratched, cracked or has black spots. Whether it’s due to improper care or simply the result of old age, many mirrors get damaged over […]

10 Ways to Maximise Wall Clocks in Your Home

wall clock

Full article with thanks to: 1. Make a Statement Wall clocks can either blend into your interior design scheme, by using the same colour palette or tone as the wall or become the stand-out, centre piece of a room. A great way to create this focal point is by using an oversized or ornate wall […]