Different Mirror Shapes for Your Home

different shapes of wall mirrors

Full article with thanks to: victorianframecompany.com/blog/various-mirror-sizes-and-shapes-to-decorate-your-home

Go for some mirror magic! Mirrors are affordable and nifty decorative tools that you can add to any room – even the kitchen! They can infuse light and energy into a space and multiply small spaces to make it seem airier and bigger.

Now, here are some of the mirror shapes and sizes that you can look into if you want to use mirrors to decorate your home:

Round mirrors

Round shapes can act to balance sharp corners and lines, and the same goes for mirrors. Round mirrors work well for the foyer, the living room wall or on the console table. Use a large framed round mirror to serve as a room’s focal point and conversation piece. Go for drama and impact with an ornate frame with elaborate woodcarvings and beading. Be bold and contemporary with a framed round mirror in a simple white or black frame. You can also add details to the rounded shape for more visual impact. For instance, you can opt for a sunburst design. You can also group a series of smaller round frames for a gallery display. Small round mirrors can also be placed under the side table lamps to add more light to the room.

Rectangular mirrors

The vertical rectangle. This is when the framed mirror is in a portrait orientation or “standing up.” Framed rectangle mirrors with ornate frames can be treated as an art piece. When placed strategically, it can multiply the well-chosen accessories and décor in the room. Slim mirrors can be great wall space insertions, which can be the case for small kitchens that need more brightening up. Extra-long slim mirrors can be placed behind the console table, to add more light to the bottom of the console table and to give the impression of spaciousness.

The horizontal rectangle. When the rectangular mirror is in landscape orientation, it can make a great focal point, filling an otherwise empty and boring wall with immediate sparkle and personality. You can use one oversized horizontal rectangular mirror right above the living room sofa. If the sofa is facing the windows, the mirror will serve to reflect the gorgeous outdoor views. You can also use this kind of mirror in the bedroom, where it can serve as a headboard.

Oval mirrors

The classic oval shape reminds one of the antique oval portraits of old. You can treat your oval mirror as such by positioning an oval mirror at the entryway, above the fireplace mantle and above a console table. Position an oval mirror to reflect the soft chandelier lights in the dining room. You can also utilize the curves of the oval shape to soften and give texture to windows (with all its straight lines) by placing the oval mirror on the wall between two windows. An oval mirror works well with a French Country theme, by using an oval frame in a two-toned white and gold finish. For a rustic look, go for a framed oval mirror with a dark wood finish.

Arched/Cathedral shaped mirrors

The cathedral shape features a curved top and a flat bottom (but with rounded corners). You can incorporate wood strips across the mirror, very similar to what your windows look like. This way, you add another “window” to the room.

Oversized floor mirrors

These allow you to go over the top and achieve an ultra-luxe look. For instance, in a bathroom that already has a full mirror, lean an oversized mirror just in front, so that you achieve more depth and interesting dimensions. You can simply lean this mirror against the wall on any available space to give life to ignored areas in the room.

Full article with thanks to: victorianframecompany.com/blog/various-mirror-sizes-and-shapes-to-decorate-your-home

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