Discover Award Winning Modern Mirrors at Mirror Mania

Mirror Mania’s collection of modern and contemporary mirrors offers exclusive designs, together with mirrors sourced from like-minded suppliers.

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Our Exclusive Range of mirrors have been handcrafted by our in-house designer to to offer a completely unique way to add style and glamour to your home. As we design and make all of the wall art in our workshop, it allows us to create designs that complement the current trends, as can be seen in our Vision Range of mirrors with vibrant and fashionable coloured glass sections. Our modern and contemporary Exclusive Range of mirrors include art-inspired designs, featuring tinted and antiqued looks or hand-coloured glass that can be blended to tone with any colour scheme. Some stunning examples of coloured glass can be seen in our Autumn, Adelphi and Vision mirrors.

As part of our standard, we hand-paint glass to match samples provided by our customers so that they can have exactly the right colours in their mirror to match their decor. This gives our customers the opportunity to bring together art and mirror to create a unique and impressive look for their home. All of Phillip’s work is created in our workshop in Norfolk and is exclusively available through Mirror Mania.