How To Maximum A Group Of Mirrors

How To Maximum A Group Of Mirrors

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Whether it’s an arrangement of vintage mirrors against a steely grey wall, twin decorative mirrors on either side of a living room chimney breast or a trio in different sizes above a bathroom basin – gathering mirrors together is a creative, and useful, design trick. Where will you put yours?

Buy in bulk
If you find a mirror you really love, it could pay off to buy several of the same styles, but in different sizes. This trio of minimal, modern mirrors makes a striking contrast with the Edwardian fireplace. Again, this threesome – rather than an even-numbered display – looks stylish but not overdone or too orderly.

Frame a chimney breast
The alcoves on either side of a fireplace are the ideal place for a pair of decorative mirrors. Make sure you get the proportions right, like these grand, arched designs that frame perfectly the handsome fireplace and imposing artwork above it.

Keep it simple in the bathroom
A bathing space should be tranquil and soothing, so it’s a good idea to keep things simple. Here, the super-sized triple basin is already a striking piece, so has been cleverly partnered with three neat and petite mirrors that don’t fight for attention but harmonise beautifully with the trio of taps.

Mix up vintage shapes
Art Deco-style mirrors look great grouped together. They tend to be on the small side, being the far more modest descendent of the Victorian overmantel, so grouping together a collection works beautifully. Odd numbers look best, so display three or five in mix-and-match shapes and sizes. Charity shops and eBay are good sources.

Double up
These antique mirrors were a fantastic find and far too gorgeous to split up. The designers of this room knew it and had them mounted above twin basins for a luxurious and original bathing space. Cleverly, they have been hinged and fitted to wall cupboards, as a unique and beautiful storage solution.

Mirror bedside symmetry
These matching mirrors placed over the bedside tables reiterate the symmetry of the furniture and lamps in a satisfyingly harmonious way. This is also a good way to use two mirrors that are attractive but not really big enough – or functional enough – to merit centrepiece status.

Create an illusion
Mirrors have long been used to create the feeling of extra space, and this set goes one step further, giving the impression of a window and tricking the eye into thinking there’s an entire other room beyond. The neat arrangement also acts as faux mirrored wall panelling, adding instant period style.

Match the mirrors to the scheme
Rather than fading into the background, mirrors can be a prominent part of a scheme, tying in with the colours and materials used throughout. This black-framed trio in ascending sizes are a good match for the black cabinet top and picture frames, giving extra weight to the striking monochrome theme, and their shape also echoes the oval basin for an extra-cohesive finish.

Double your space
A skinny and compact cloakroom can be made to feel spacious with large, floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Here, there are mirrors on facing walls, doubling the effect. Note that there’s a window offering natural light, which is important as, without it, you could feel like you were entering a dizzying hall of mirrors!

Brighten up a statement wall
Hanging a collection of mirrors against a painted statement wall is a striking yet easy way to create a focal point. Here, the inky blue makes a fantastic backdrop for the gilt-framed designs. This display has also helped to define the dining area, making it feel more sophisticated than the functional kitchen zone.

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