Spring is in The Air – Making Your Home Feel Bigger and Brighter

Spring is here, and that means, many of you will have already completed your annual Spring Clean, leaving your homes crisp, breezy and refreshed. However, it is not only Spring Cleaning that can do our homes a world of good, when looking to make your house appear bigger and brighter, there are many great mirror […]

How to Hang a Triptych Mirror or Artwork

Small design features are one of the most crucial aspects of any interior design. Without proper accessorizing, your spaces won’t have the same effect as if you left the walls bare. Among all décor items, centrepieces tend to make the biggest impact within any room, and what can trump a prime focal point other than […]

Matching Lighting with Mirrors

Matching Lighting with Mirrors Smoke and mirrors might be an illusion, but the right combination of lights and mirrors in your home can be equally enchanting and illusory. We will be taking a look at some unique mirror and lamp combinations that can make your interiors look cleverly artful and imaginative. Art Deco Glam Characterized […]