Your Art Deco Interior Design Guide

Your Art Deco Interior Design Guide

Full article with thanks to: Decorating in the art deco style means embracing a period that was popular in America and Europe during the 1920s and 1930s. It was a stark contrast to the more minimalist, nature-inspired art nouveau that preceded it. Like art nouveau, art deco affected all areas of the decorative arts, […]

The Basics: How to Decorate Your Home With Mirrors

mirror buying guide

Full article with thanks to: Mirrors are great for so many reasons—they reflect light, they open up spaces, and they just make rooms look better in general. But before you start hanging them left, right, and centre there are some things to keep in mind. Here are a few tips on how to decorate with […]

Different Mirror Shapes for Your Home

different shapes of wall mirrors

Full article with thanks to: Go for some mirror magic! Mirrors are affordable and nifty decorative tools that you can add to any room – even the kitchen! They can infuse light and energy into a space and multiply small spaces to make it seem airier and bigger. Now, here are some of the […]

How to Value Your Antique Mirror

anique mirrors

Full article with thanks to: There is nothing like the mysterious feeling of divine transcendence as one gaze into an antique mirror. Inviting the looker to directly acknowledge oneself and examine the reflected image within its framework, these objects have the power to incite contemplation and introspection. Today people across the world cannot help […]

How to Care For Your Antique Mirrors

antique wall mirrors

Full article with thanks to: We have mirrors at home for a variety of reasons. For most people, mirrors are an essential item when preparing to leave the house in the morning. You need a mirror to touch up your makeup, shave effectively, tie your tie and many more. Additionally, mirrors can help you […]

Benefits to Upcycling Your Furniture

upcycling furniture

Full article with thanks to: We are all now much more focused on protecting the environment and our once-throw-away world is thankfully now starting to decrease. It’s not all about new in our homes and businesses and the trend now is buying upcycled older style furniture or in fact, upcycling yourself. Upcycling furniture is […]