How to Use Oversized Mirrors in Your Home

How to Use Oversized Mirrors in Your Home

Looking for new oversized mirrors for your home? We take a look at the benefits of using oversized mirrors and recommend how you can achieve the oversized mirror look.

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You don’t have to be vain to love mirrors. It’s no secret they’re an excellent way to open up a small space, but they also make great room features in their own right. If you’re going to indulge, then make it count – supersizing your mirror can totally transform a room and create some captivating visual effects. Plus, they come in handy for catching any wardrobe malfunctions…

Upcycle for a shabby chic look

This charming mirror was clearly some kind of door in a previous life but, stood artlessly on the floor in this pared-back living room, it’s been given a whole new lease of life, the baby blue adding a fresh note to the cream scheme.

Oversized Mirrors – Double up

This room is all about drama and light. The huge mirrors reflect the view from the full-length windows and bounce the light to create a dazzling effect. And why have one mirrored when you can have two? As Vivienne Westwood says, ‘When in doubt, overdress.’

Keep it quirky

The mirror in this stylishly mismatched dining area blends in beautifully with the artwork hanging next to it. It’s a quirky, relaxed look that doesn’t take itself too seriously and makes for a laid-back entertaining space.

Be playful

Warning! This mirror could mess with your head… In a good way, of course. There are four lampshades here, right? Reflecting a bold scheme gives it extra oomph, and this ultra-thin framed mirror does the job unobtrusively.

Oversized Mirrors – Take it easy

A large, floor-standing mirror is a great way to achieve a simple-but-effective look that doesn’t try too hard. The elegant line of this wooden frame fits with the romantic mood of the dreamy bedroom scheme.

Explore deep space

This huge mirror behind the sofa reflects the impressive stairwell, not only adding depth to the hallway but making the most of the light flooding down from the landing. Plus, it’s always handy to check your outfit before you head out the door…

Oversized Mirrors – Add a touch of mystery

This space couldn’t be more glossy, and an oversized mirror is a perfect way to maximize the effect. Far from disguising the trick, this thick-framed design is the only dark note in the space, giving it artwork status.

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