12 Easy Party Decor Tips

12 Easy Party Decor Tips

Looking for some easy party decor tips? We’ve gathered information to give you inspiration for your next hosting.

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When it comes to memorable holiday party decor tips, the beauty lies in the subtle details. Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner party, celebrating a major anniversary, or inviting a few friends over for games and drinks, it’s essential that you take the pain out of the decorative process with easy-to-manage hacks to better help you prepare your home for your guests.

To help you master the art of prepping your home for parties with ease, we took cues from Décor Aid decorators based on questions they often hear from our clients to help you prepare your home when hosting any type of gathering.

First Impressions Matter

Since it takes less than ten seconds to make a good first impression, it should go without saying that the first areas to prep for hosting events at home should be your front entryway and foyer, as those are the first areas your guests will be welcomed into. Make sure that your front entryway and foyer are tidy and inviting.

Clean your walkway and front door, while leaving no grime or dirt on the floor. Make sure there’s a dedicated area for shoes, and ample space for coats and bags, whether you store them in a nearby closet or in another room.

Finish the look with fresh flowers, a scented candle, and mood-enhancing ambient lighting.

Clean Windows And Trim

While we aren’t suggesting cleaning all of your home’s windows, trims, and doors do clean windows and trim in the rooms you’ll be entertaining in to ensure that the overall feel comes off as polished.

Bathroom Prep

No matter how far it’s situated, guests are going to be using your facilities. Scan your medicine cabinet in case guests peek in so you can feel confident that there won’t be anything personal for them to come across.

Next, make sure you have plenty of fresh almost like-new hand towels, hand lotion, and soap in stock. And again, spark a soothing scented candle to clear the air with inspiring aromatherapy.

Cut Out Clutter

Less is always more when you have a home full of guests you’re entertaining. Even if your home is regularly tidy, it’s still essential to go from room to room surveying and removing any and all excess clutter.

Build A Scent Story

As the way your house smells is also a major part of that initial first impression as guests walk through the door, source mood-enhancing scented candles that’ll have them asking where you got them from.

You can also defuse essential oils –  whatever it takes to maintain a romantic, fresh scent throughout your home.

Plan Lighting Accordingly

When it comes to essential holiday party decor tips, lighting can make all the difference. From sensually dim to crisply bright, plan lighting stories ahead of time so no one is left in the dark or stuck in the spotlight.

Quickly Dress Up Your Table

When it comes to savvy holiday party decor tips, often, the area that gets the most eyes is where everyone will be sitting together and eating. Whether you’re planning a sit-down formal dinner or a buffet-style serving, decorate tabletops with cherished decorative add-ons for a unique and memorable statement.

Add Unique Finishing Touches

While clean spare surfaces are always inspiring, do go about and decorate spots here and there for a richly layered look that will make the event have a more visible play that’ll get them talking.

Prepare For The Worst

Not to alarm you, and not that you should expect the worst, but you should prepare your home for little disasters to take the anxiety out of possible accidents. Spills and stains happen, so do create an emergency cleaning kit and know where you’ve stored supplies for quick access.

Full article with thanks to: decoraid.com/blog/holiday-party-decor-tips

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