The Best Mirrors for a Bright and Roomy Home

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Everyone is aware that a mirror makes a space appear larger than it actually is, however, hanging one properly in your home might be trickier than you think.

Many individuals make the error of utilising a mirror that is too little or believing they can achieve dramatic effects with a gathering of small mirrors, when the optimum approach is to use a single huge mirror. If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking which form is best and looking for solutions to some important issues, such as: What kind of frame? Where should a mirror be hung to maximise its effectiveness? Today we are going to provide you with some top tips and ideas.

St Moritz gold trim room setting art deco wall mirror

Think big!

As long as you keep with a reasonably simple frame, a big mirror (the larger, the better) is a cure for small spaces since it expands the perception of visual space.

The height needs to be right

The ideal location for a mirror is at eye level for most people, or about 150cm from the floor to the mirror’s centre, unless you’re hanging it over a headboard or mantel.

Pair mirrors with light sources

Pair mirrors with light sources

This reflection technique provides atmosphere and depth while increasing the light in a space. Not only lighting fixtures, but candles and mirrors also make a beautiful combination.

Pair one with a painting

A small piece of wall art might make your entire room feel cramped, but mirrors are a simple solution. Simply hang one on either side of the artwork to create a visually balanced arrangement whilst increasing the amount of light that is reflected throughout the space.

If in doubt…

Our mirror experts are here to answer any of your questions and help you select the best mirror for your interior. We offer a range unique, handcrafted, quality British mirrors, and will no doubt be able to find one that perfectly matches and enhances your space. Simply get in touch today for assistance.

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