20 Art Deco Ideas That Interior Designers Love!

20 Art Deco Ideas That Interior Designers Love!

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If there’s one trend that can completely transform a space, it’s none other than one of the decade’s most iconic and recognisable interior design styles. Having reached the height of its popularity in the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s, Art Deco boasts an inherent glamour and traditional luxury. Short for the French term, Arts Décoratifs, the style is characterised by geometric patterns, bold colour, symmetrical designs, metallic finishes, decadent detailing, and tons of visual drama. If it looks like a scene out of The Great Gatsby, chances are it’s traditional Art Deco style.

What is Art Deco Design?

Art Deco, also known as style moderne, was the major design style of the 1920s and 1930s. It’s characterised by simple shapes, plenty of glamour and geometric decorations, and the use of metallics and jewel tones like jade, silver, and chrome.

While it’s not a look for the most modest dweller, the eclectic glamour is sure to elevate even the simplest of spaces. Ahead, the inspiration you need to bring the interior exuberance of the Roaring ’20s to your 21st-century space. Shop the Art Deco fixtures, wall coverings, and furniture that work wonderfully in both light and heavy doses—all of which exude levels of luxury even F. Scott Fitzgerald would envy.

Here’s everything you need to know to get Art Deco design at home.

Mix Patterns

If you’re lucky enough to live in a home with original tiling in pristine condition, do yourself a favour and keep it. Instead of renovating for something a bit more modern, play up its uniqueness by incorporating even more patterns. We also love how this predominantly pink bathroom strikes a balance via black additions on the gallery frame and curtains.

Incorporate Brass Elements

Nothing screams opulence more than brass elements. We’re obsessed with the metallic additions on the chairs, light fixtures, and cabinet hardware in this kitchen and breakfast nook. The brass looks even more expensive with the black and white colour palette throughout.

Go Glam With Lighting

There’s one item that transcends time, adds a bit of sparkle, and is just as beautiful as it is functional. We’re of course talking about the mirror. Strategically placing a geometric mirror, like this one positioned in a corner creating the illusion of a full chandelier, is all you need to make a simple space shine.

 Find Furnishings With Strong Lines

Art Deco decor is all about strong lines and bold shapes. The headboard in this bedroom is the epitome of 1920s interior design and is only rivalled by this incredible pendant light hanging overhead.

Incorporate Arch Designs

The rounded-top shape is a major element in Art Deco, so be sure to play up those arches. This bathroom incorporated the arch design in multiple places from the mirror to the window above the door and the marble backsplash. Even the sink boasts rounded edges to give this powder room a cohesive feel.

Work With Geometric Shapes

Art Deco isn’t just about arches, it’s about all geometric shapes. This headboard is straight out of The Great Gatsby with bold cutouts in various shapes.

Create Symmetry

By now, you know shapes play a major role in Art Deco decor. However, it’s just as important to consider composition when decorating rooms. From the headboard shape to the nightstand decor, this bedroom screams Art Deco with perfect symmetry, which is a major element in Art Deco design.

Don’t Overlook The Floor

When decorating a room, don’t forget to look down. We love this marble runner in this hallway—the pattern feels right out of the ’20s, while the stone feels downright luxurious. Admittedly, this is an expensive renovation, but the look can easily be recreated on the cheap with a runner rug.

Fake 1920s Accents

Original 1920s stained glass is hard to come by—but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the look in even the most modern of spaces. This mural can be made possible with some artful taping and quite a bit of patience, but in the end, you’ll feel like you stepped out of the roaring ’20s.

Create Faux Mouldings

You’d be surprised what the addition of artful moulding around plain door frames could do for the final look of your space. Paint them in a contrasting colour and you have yourself an Art Deco palace.

Go The More-Is-More Route

One brass pendant light is stunning, but six is so much better, especially when complemented by granite floors and concrete walls. When it comes to recreating Art Deco decor, more is always more.

Choose Tile Wisely

When it comes to the bathroom (or a kitchen), choosing a tile will make all the difference between a timeless result and something on the trendier side. While a subway tile might feel modern, an octagon or diamond-shaped tile will feel more classic and Art Deco inspired.

DIY Art Deco Elements

Consider yourself lucky if your home or apartment comes with vaulted ceilings and arched doorways. But for the rest of us that are tasked with the challenge to make a modern layout feel charming, a DIY paint job like this scalloped colour blocking just might be the update your space needs.

Invest In Timeless Features

If you’re open to renovating your space, there’s no limit to where a few 20s-inspired built-ins can take your redesign. Dramatic crown moulding and built-in shelving will transport your home to any era.

Infuse Your Space With A Touch Of Glamour

From the gilded mirror above the fireplace to the crystal chandelier hanging overhead, this living room screams glamour. For special pieces like these, don’t be afraid to shop at local antique shops and flea markets.

Don’t Overlook Functional Spaces

It’s no secret that common spaces like the living room and kitchen take priority in your home decor journey, but don’t overlook more functional spaces, no matter how little foot traffic they receive. Designing a home that feels like yours through and through includes walk-in closets.

Create a Contrast with Contemporary Art

Design elements like moulding and scalloped patterns feel unapologetically Art Deco, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate more contemporary pieces. Doing so will create a contrast that feels complementary and totally cohesive.

Try A Modern Approach

If you prefer to keep things modern, you can still work in some ’20s-inspired pieces for a final look that pops. This horizontally tufted headboard in a moss green feels modern with a hint of Art-Deco flair.

Don’t Settle On A Single Design Style

Although this kitchen incorporates elements from traditional farmhouse decor to Art Deco designs, all the different styles work perfectly in this single space. To create a cohesive space, stick to a clear colour palette and streamlined metallic finishes.

Go Monochromatic

Nothing looks more luxurious than sticking to a single colour and running with it. This navy wallpaper, paired with the navy chair and lamp, feels so expensive. The addition of an opulence sconce and herringbone floors helps too.

Full article with thanks to: mydomaine.com/art-deco-design-5072504

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