Why Your Business Should Restore Decorative Windows

Why Your Business Should Restore Decorative Windows

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Choosing whether or not to restore your church’s stained glass is a difficult choice. You would be surprised at how attached congregants are to these lovely relics. However, there are also more practical reasons to have it done.

Stained Glass Restoration Improves Glass Luster

Over time, the colours in your stained glass windows will fade due to weather and the accumulation of grime and debris. When we return repaired stained glass to their homes in churches, they appear brand new. Once the restoration is completed, the various hues appear brighter and deeper than ever before—restoring the window to its original splendour.

Stained Glass Restoration Reinforces Support Structure

Restoration of damaged stained glass windows isn’t only about how they appear. It’s also about ensuring that they last a long time. If your stained glass is more than 100 years old, the lead has most certainly become brittle. Lead that is elderly and brittle will bend and break under the weight of the glass, causing the entire window to sag over time. Stained glass restoration is a technique for replacing old lead with superior lead in order to extend the life of your church’s stained glass windows for another 200 years. Modern additives to lead increase the lifespan of antique stained glass by another 200 years.

Stained Glass Restoration Improves the Function of Your Stained Glass

We see stained glass break down all the time. Stained glass windows, like any other window in your church, are useful for a variety of reasons. They keep out the elements and maintain heated and cooled air inside. If you have a crack or a hole in your church’s stained glass windows, they aren’t working properly. This might result in costly utility bills or dampness entering your church to cause damage to other parts of the building. When we repair stained glass, we take additional safety steps, such as adequate ventilation and protective glazes/coverings to further extend life These will also aid in the performance of your stained glass within the interior environment.

Full article with thanks to: houstonstainedglass.com/2022/02/21/is-stained-glass-restoration-worth-it

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