Milan Original Handcrafted Art Deco Over Mantle Wall Mirror in Gold


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Mirror Mania’s Milan: Where Art Meets Reflection..
The Milan mirror, exclusively available from Mirror Mania, is a stunning blend of art and utility. This over mantle art deco wall mirror is an exquisite handmade piece that promises to elevate your living space.With its central unique mirror shape surrounded by six angled mirror strips and elegant curved outer panels, the Milan mirror is a visual masterpiece.What truly distinguishes it is its adaptability. You can choose between silver, gold, or ebony trim to ensure it seamlessly integrates into your decor. Plus, it’s customizable in size and color to reflect your unique style.

The Milan mirror is more than a reflection; it’s a work of art ready to adorn your walls and transform your living space. Contact us today to make it yours.

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