How to choose a mirror for over a fireplace

Now that the nights have drawn in, we’re getting ready for spending the winter months cosy and warm in front of the fireplace with a lovely mug of hot chocolate. Given that we’ll be spending even more time at home than we have already this year, it’s no surprise that people are looking at their home decor with discerning eyes. While we can’t guarantee a traditional family Christmas this year, many people are starting preparations for having the family and friends around for a few days. Naturally, this preparation leads us to thinking about how welcoming our home feels to other people.

While there are few home comforts more welcoming than a roaring fire, we’re going to set our sights above that, quite literally, and look at how to choose the right mirror for a fireplace.

How to choose an over-mantle mirror

When you’re looking for a mirror to fill the space over a fireplace, wood burner or any other alcove, the biggest consideration goes to the size of the mirror. A good guide to work out the best size of mirror you’ll need is to.

  • Measure the width of the fireplace or alcove and ensure the mirror will not be wider than either of the features. A too-wide mirror will upset the balance of the room.
  • Measure the height of the fireplace and double it. That will give you a good ideal of the right height of the mirror that will perfectly fill the space above the fireplace.

Remember that mirrors can work equally well placed opposite a fireplace as well as above them. The reflections of the glowing firelight and dancing flames can make an impactful entrance to a room.

venice art deco wall mirror

How to choose the right style of over-mantle mirror

The best style of overmantle mirror will most likely depend on the style of your fireplace.

Ornate, French-style fireplaces can benefit from mirrors with a simple design that will not ‘compete’ with the decoration of the fireplace. Think large, minimal designs with a simple frame for an elegant and enhancing effect.

Victorian fireplaces, characterised by an arch feature around the fire itself, are complemented by arched or round mirrors, especially if the curves follow the same gradient.

The straight lines and square shape of a Georgian fireplace look wonderful when paired with mirrors and frames that have a little more decoration and pizzazz about them.

mia art deco mirror

Design your own mirror

Of course, you could always design a bespoke mirror customised to your requirements too. At Mirror Mania we specialise in custom-made mirrors; we love creating stunning designs that reflect your flair and individual style.

We can create a beautiful mirror to exceed your expectations and suit your home perfectly. Simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll take care of the rest.

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