Venus Original Handcrafted Art Deco Over Mantle Wall Mirror in Gold


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Revitalize your living area with the stunning Venus Art Deco Fan Overmantel Wall Mirror, a meticulously crafted masterpiece from our Norfolk workshop, exclusively available at Mirror Mania.

The enchanting mirror showcases a central domed panel surrounded by skillfully angled clear mirror sections, resulting in a captivating overmantel design. Precision craftsmanship extends to the smallest details, with each mirror section embellished by a trim in your preferred finish—be it gold, silver, or black. This adaptable feature guarantees a harmonious blend with your room’s individual decor, enabling you to create a truly personalized and refined aesthetic.

Experience the allure of timeless elegance as you make a statement with the Venus Art Deco Fan Overmantel Wall Mirror. With its bespoke craftsmanship and adaptable design, this exclusive piece from Mirror Mania allows you to redefine your living space with a touch of sophistication and individuality.

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