Matching Lighting with Mirrors

Matching Lighting with Mirrors

Smoke and mirrors might be an illusion, but the right combination of lights and mirrors in your home can be equally enchanting and illusory. We will be taking a look at some unique mirror and lamp combinations that can make your interiors look cleverly artful and imaginative.

Art Deco Glam

Characterized by sleek lines in artful geometric combinations, art deco was a movement that spurred the ‘classically ornamental’ look. I If this particular aesthetic inspires your interior design project, then the right mix of mirror and lamp can get your art deco look off to a flying start.

We have chosen a wonderfully complex combination of a wall mirror and a table lamp. This lamp features a tightly stylistic look and a grey shade, which looks stunning when paired with this grey motif mirror. You can place both of them together with the help of a simple console table, or even pair them up adjacent to each other with a backdrop of some thick silk layered drapes to finish off the look.



Geometric Art Deco

While the majority of art deco décor and design is a combination of artful motifs and rectilinear geometry, it was actually the introduction of blunt, edgy lines that became its defining characteristic.

Here we have paired the beautiful Astoria geometric art deco wall lamp-mirror set that can revamp the look of your interior to make it instantly striking. Their blunt lines and black decorative motifs are the perfect combination of edgy and eye-catching. You can place them on opposite walls and complement them with simple contemporary furniture, shaggy rugs and a minimalistic sideboard to balance out the detail.


Modern and Classic Remix

Modern and classical styles might be contradictory in looks, but they often manage to complement each other in an attractive and beautiful way.

So, what better way to style your home interior than by pairing a sleek, romantic modern basket chandelier with a curvy, classical ornamental mirror? Their juxtaposing aesthetics are the perfect complement to each other. You can arrange the chandelier in the centre of the room with the mirror hung on a feature wall to create a beautiful focal point.

Soft, Feminine Tiffany Style

The Tiffany style is the stringent standard against which all ornamental lamps are held. Their crafty shade designs and beautiful incandescent lighting are a perpetually attractive feature.

So, here we have a soft, feminine tiffany style pendant ceiling light along with its creative mirror counterpart that will add a playful charm to your space. You can hang the light directly in your home’s hallway or foyer, and place the mirror on an adjoining feature wall. Together, the blend of soft illumination and artsy colour scheme will make your entrance look charming, cosy and inviting all at the same time.


Earthy, Warm & Cozy

‘Earthy’ is a colour scheme that sits well within many interior design styles – from minimal to contemporary, vintage kitsch and even industrial. Therefore, this unique table lamp and stylish mirror make the perfect decorative partners for an earthy colour scheme. Both of their designs are abstract enough to fit in all manner of interior styles and timeless enough to remain classic for a long period of time.


Extravagant Glam

If you’re looking for the right lighting-mirror combination for a grand, opulent interior, then this would be the perfect solution. You can hang this contemporary classical style chandelier right in the middle of your room, and complement its artful illumination with this beautiful decorative mirror as the centrepiece of a feature wall. You could also pair this combo up with a tufted wall design, Victorian style furniture and elaborate accessories to get a truly stylistic effect.


We hope you got some inspiration from these unique sets of mirrors and lighting. You can explore our collections by style, size, colour, and shape to help you find the right combination for your home or interior project.

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