Is The Sun Finally Here?

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After many long, dark days, and people starting to believe that England was not going to see any sunshine this summer, the sun has finally decided to make an appearance, leaving people all over the UK overjoyed.

It has been anticipated that the sun is going to be coming out more and more over the next few weeks and that temperatures are going to be rising, and here at Mirror Mania, we are just as excited about this as anyone else is! That is why we are here today to share some tops tips for people looking to increase the sunlight in their homes, and yes, you guessed it… all of our tips involve mirrors!

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Using Mirrors to Increase Light in Your Home


Some homes can seem dark inside even when it is gloriously sunny outside – This is often because of lack of windows facing towards sunlight. Whilst expanding and adding windows can be very costly and inconvenient for homeowners, there are other ways that people can increase sunlight in their homes, including the clever use of mirrors.


Mirrors hold the ability to make dark and small spaces appear larger and more open when placed correctly, and here are our top tips:


Mirrors Opposite Windows


Placing mirrors directly opposite windows can increase sunlight in a room. This is because it allows inbound sunlight to reflect back into the room, magnifying the effect. If there is no space for you to hang a mirror directly across from your window, you can place your mirror on an adjacent wall far away enough from your window that you can see the reflection of your window in the mirror to create a similar effect.

Aqua Splash Mirror


Bouncing Sunlight

 If you have dark corners and areas within your home, you can place mirrors at clever angles nearby to windows so that light bounces from the windows into the darkest areas of your home. Movable mirrors work greatly for this.


Hallway Mirrors

 It many homes hallways are dark with no windows, of course, this is a shame, but spaces like these can even be brightened up using mirrors. Simply place a large mirror and the end of your hallway for dramatic effect.


Mirrors amid Bright Surfaces

If you love mirrors but simply do not want too many large mirrors in your home, another option is to paint a wall light silver or grey – This acts like a mirrored surface and enhance light. You can then scatter small mirrors on these walls to bring in even more light and consider using mirrored decorations such as tables, sideboards and light fittings.


Mirror Mania – Mirrors to Suit All

Here at Mirror Mania we hold mirror options suitable for all tastes and requirements, boasting everything from art deco and artistic mirrors to modern mirrors! If you would like help and assistance in choosing the best mirrors for you home, whether you are looking for mirrors to lighten up your home or anything else, our team are only a phone call away and always happy to help.

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