How to use decorative stained glass

Decorative glass makes a unique and eye-catching feature in any surroundings. While mirrors are limited to walls, decorative glass can adorn roofs, doors, ceilings, windows – almost any surface you can think of, including walls.

Decorative stained glass is still in demand hundreds of years after it was first invented – though the earliest known reference dates back to 675 AD! With the power to transform a window into a stunning work of art, our decorative stained glass services continues to be one of our most popular offerings.

With stained glass you can transform an ordinary door, window or ceiling into a masterpiece worthy of royalty. Take inspiration from our past projects, or get in touch to discuss your requirements and see how we can help today.

Why do we use decorative glass?

Stained glass transforms a functional feature like a door or window into a statement piece. In religious buildings like churches, stained glass windows are often used to tell a story. Iconic figures and legendary tales are eternalised in the glass. If you want to get creative and design your own decorative glass, windows like these make a good source of inspiration – you can always recreate key moments from your life.

Truly, the only limit is your imagination. You can choose from some of our popular tried-and-tested designs or use your imagination – and our expertise – to create a stunning piece of glass art to adorn your walls, doors, windows or roof.

Many modern forms of decorative stained glass incorporate patterns and new techniques that simply didn’t exist until relatively recently. Copper wire and soldering allows for the creation of new textures that add a new level of intricacy that allows incredible detail to be created. Decorative glass truly is a piece of art, with glass acting as both the media and the canvas.

Give your home character with stained glass

There is something regal about stained glass. Even styles which you may consider to be old fashioned look wonderful when they have been properly cleaned up and gleam like new.

At Mirror Mania we create stunning decorative glass to suit your exact requirements. You can take inspiration from some of our past projects for domestic and commercial premises alike. We have designed stunning stained glass domes and window panels to add true elegance and glamour to restaurants, retail stores, churches, homes and many more.

However you want to use stained glass, Mirror Mania has the skills and expertise to make it a reality. Using techniques such as 3D sculpting allows a new level of depth to be created, giving stained glass art a truly unique appearance.

Discover how world-renowned mirror artist Phillip Orr can create a bespoke stained glass masterpiece for your property. Get in touch today and see how we can make your dreams a reality.


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