How to Stage Your Home Using The Magic of Mirrors

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Creating more space visually and physically is your main goal with home stagingStrategically placed mirrors are some of the simplest home staging tricks to increase your small spaces visually. In fact, aside from oversized windows and soaring ceilings, there is no better friend to tiny spaces than a well-placed mirror. Bringing in light, breaking visual clutter, or expanding walls, mirrors can help you solve almost any design dilemma. And of course, they are great decorative pieces as well. If you are looking to make your home appear bigger in order to appeal to more home buyers, these helpful tips will get you started.

Mirrors for Small RoomsCreate a Mirror Wall to Enlarge Your Room

For rooms that lack windows, accomplishing the feel of additional square footage can often be difficult. But luckily mirrors can help you have the same effect as a window. Placing a large piece of mirror on the wall can quickly add dimension to any space. Even though they may not provide a view of the outside world, they can break up wall space in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Place a Framed Mirror Over the Fireplace

In most homes, the fireplace is usually the focal point of the room in which it resides, but your fireplace often isn’t used in warmer months. You can add more emphasis to it by placing a gorgeous framed mirror above the mantel. Not only will help to enlarge the space, but it will also add a reflective surface to the decor pieces you have on the mantle.

Enlarge Your Bathroom Vanity Wall With Mirrors

It is a well-known fact that bathrooms and kitchens actually sell homes. That’s why if your bathroom is lacking space, giving it an illusion of it using mirrors is a great way to attract buyers. Place a mirror behind your sink in a floor-to-countertop fashion to enlarge the area and reflect more light. Alternatively, if you have a freestanding bathtub, consider adding a floor-to-ceiling stand-alone mirror at its back. The reflection of the bathtub will help to add a sense of space to your bathroom, and of course, you can use it for personal grooming and getting dressed as well.

Consider Decorating With Multi-Functional Mirror Designs 

If you are really short on space and do not have an appropriate location to hang mirrors, consider putting them on storage cabinets and closet doors. This will not help to solve the issue of enlarging the area but can also be used as decorative shelving and collections. Mirrors that serve multi-functions make an area look larger and great!

Bring in Reflective Light by Placing Mirrors Near Windows

If your interiors are feeling small and dark, mirrors can help to reflect light into your space. However, this is something you need to do very carefully as too many mirrors can make your house appear like a carnival funhouse rather than a stately home that buyers desire. Hang a mirror a foot of two behind a pendant light, a hanging chandelier or opposite a window to reflect light naturally and beautifully. But remember, more than one large mirror will make any area feel awkwardly bright.

Group Mirrors Together for Visual Interest

Larger mirrors can be quite pricey and if you don’t have a budget for it, no worries. Opt for a couple of smaller mirrors available at thrift or discount stores and paint their frames in the same color. Group them together on a wall in the same place to create an organized feeling without appearing cluttered.

Although most of us have an idea of where to hang a mirror in our house, they are usually more versatile than we think. A well-placed mirror can open up a space, alter a view, and add a little practicality. In short, they are one of the best tools in a small home owner’s back pocket. Let us know if you have more home staging tricks to enlarge spaces and use mirrors in your home.

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