How to make a productive home working space

So working from home is the new normal. All of a sudden you need to make a productive space in your home where you can focus on what you’re doing, without being interrupted by the kids or distracted by the TV or household chores.

If you have the room to set up a dedicated home office, that’s great! If you don’t have a spare room for an office and are stuck trying to find a place to work in your home, it’s more challenging. If you can’t get away, it’s more difficult to focus on your work. 

So here are some tips to make working from home that little bit easier.

How to make a home office when you don’t have the space

Try to set up your office in a quiet corner, or at least away from the loudest, most well-used areas. You’ll need to make sure you can sit properly, positioned correctly to work with a computer. No matter how cramped you are, make the chair a priority. Invest in a good office chair – your back will thank you. 

The effect that a mirror can have on a space is amazing. Use a mirror to add a more spacious feel to the area. Reflecting natural light will boost your mood and it’s a good way to give your eyes a rest from the screen. You can also take advantage of the reflection to make your view a little nicer, if it’s reflecting another part of the room. Place a nice ornament or picture where the mirror will reflect, so you can quickly glance up and see it. It’s only a small thing, but it can make a huge difference to your mood.

Decorate your space as best you can. If you can paint it, that’s great! (FYI, green is meant to be great for productivity). A small potted plant makes a lovely and peaceful addition to any workspace, and helps make it feel like a more positive place. An ornament or two can work but be mindful of cluttering the space.

Speaking of which, keep clutter to a minimum. Starting the day at an untidy workspace is asking for trouble, so be sure to tidy it at the end of each day. Dedicate a drawer for work-related paperwork and when it gets full, it’s time for a clear out. 

staten island art deco full length wall mirror

How to use a mirror in your home office

If you do have space for a home office, you’ve got more opportunity to make it a positive and productive workspace.

According to the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, mirrors reflect energy in the home. This can be positive or negative, depending on what it’s reflecting. A home office is no exception. Mirrors should not reflect your desk, or be hung above it. A reflection of yourself working could bring in negative energy – and that’s the last thing you need when it comes to work. Instead, place the mirror perpendicular to the desk.

Talking of energy, you need to feel positive in your work area. If you’re unhappy, uncomfortable or distracted, it’s going to have an impact on your work – and your mental health too. Make your work area feel as positive and spacious as possible. 

A spacious, tidy and calm space reflected in a beautiful mirror will magnify the positive and calming energy. Our collection of stunning decorative mirrors is sure to feature the perfect mirror for your home office. 




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