Christmas Mirror Decorations

Christmas: it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Even more so if, like us, you love getting the decorations out and trimming up the whole house for the festive season. When it comes to Christmas decorations, everyone has their own taste and style – some like to stick with the traditional red, green and gold, while others jump on the seasonal trends bandwagon, be it an artificial black tree or an investment in rose gold baubles.

Either way, getting decorations on a mirror can be tricky – but don’t worry! We’ve got some inspiration for you. 

Merry Christmas from the Mirror Mania team!

How to decorate a mirror for Christmas

Christmas Mirror Decorations

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Simple yet beautiful: hanging an arrangement of baubles in the centre of a mirror is a great way to add a subtle festive touch. Larger baubles tend to work better, and less is more – otherwise it could look bulky. Battery powered fairy lights give it a magical touch!

If you’d rather take a more ‘in your face’ approach with baubles, you could do something like this:

Christmas Mirror With Baubles

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You’d need a serious amount of glue!


Christmas Mirror With Garlands

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Try a combination of baubles and garlands for a cosy Christmas feel. Wrapping lights around the garlands can be fiddly, but there are plenty of options with ready-fitted lights and other embellishments like ribbons, berries and pine cones. The warm glow is a lovely contrast to the rich dark green of the garland.

Christmas Mirror Garland

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Try enhancing your mirror by adding a smaller garland. Here, large bows are used as embellishments and they wonderfully reflect the matching tree decor. You could get creative and make your own arrangement or use a shop bought option.

Christmas Mirror Mantle

Ornate mirrors don’t need much decorating! Delicate bunting works really well in rustic environments, while an illuminated garland makes any room feel warm. 

Christmas Mirror Round

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Sometimes, all you need to make a Christmas mirror is a touch of winter greenery.

Mirror placement

You don’t necessarily need to decorate your mirror to create a festive feel. The placement of a mirror makes a huge difference to how a room is presented. It’s so important to think about reflections – and when it comes to Christmas, you can get twice the impact of your decorations by simply placing your mirror effectively.

Christmas Mirror White

This well-placed rustic mirror makes the room feel more spacious and offers a near 360 degree view of the beautiful tree decorations.

Christmas Mirror Candles

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The soft glow of candlelight is truly magical and a must-have for the festive season (placed safely, of course). We love how the candles draw the eye to the mirror, while the mirror reflects the candlelight back into the room. It’s a perfect combination!

Design your own mirror

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