Art Deco Mirrors: A Buying Guide

knightsbridge gold art deco fan mirror

Whether you’re already into art deco or are just getting more familiar with the style, this guide will cover everything you need to know about buying an art deco mirror.

Art deco is represented by smooth lines, geometric shapes, and often bright colours. It can be found across paintings, furniture, all aspects of interior design – even architecture. Art deco marked the beginning of contemporary style, so the designs work well with modern interiors.

The style began in 1925 at an exhibition in France (the Arts Décoratifs, where the movement gained its name – Art Deco, for short). By the 1930s, it had swept across Europe to the United States, even inspiring monuments like the Empire State Building.

An art deco mirror is the perfect way to encapsulate the essence of the art deco style in any interior space. Placed in a kitchen, living area, bedroom or bathroom, they make a subtle yet definitive statement.

Defining features of an art deco mirror

Geometric shapes

Simple, geometric shapes are a defining feature of the art deco style. In an art deco mirror, the arrangement of these shapes makes for a unique design and awesome reflections.

Sharp lines

There’s nothing soft about art deco: edges are clean cut and smooth, be it a sweeping curve or a sharp edge.


Repetitive patterns of simple, geometric shapes are common in art deco. The same applies to mirrors, where the style can easily – yet beautifully – be replicated.


Another reason for perfectionists to love art deco: the symmetry. Symmetrical designs are a must for any art deco piece, be it a simple pattern or intricate detailing.

remus in black art deco wall mirror

How to choose an art deco mirror

When searching for the perfect art deco mirror, it’s as much about emotion as it is about appearance. An art deco mirror should evoke feelings of…

Sleek elegance

Modern with a fashionable twist: art deco mirrors are sleek, with no bulky frame to spoil the sharp outline.


At its core, art deco is about portraying wealth in a non-traditional way. What better way to embody the art deco spirit than with a handmade, one-of-a-kind mirror?


Art deco mirrors are subtly luxurious in that they are quietly sophisticated and expensive. They don’t need to shout about it.


The glamour of the 1920s is captured in the art deco style.

marquise art deco diamond mirror

Bespoke art deco mirror design

At Mirror Mania, the mirror is the art. We have a broad range of art deco mirror designs, from glamorous diamonds to tinted overmantle mirrors. Our art deco mirrors are exclusively designed by award-winning mirror designer Phillip Orr, a lover of the classic style himself, and hand-crafted down to the smallest detail.

We also offer a fully customised service should you wish to unleash your own art deco style and create your own unique art deco mirror design. (Use our mirror sizing guide for help with choosing the right dimensions). Each mirror is crafted in ou

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