7 Essential Elements for an Art Deco-style Living Room

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If you’re hoping to create a living space that’s striking, elegant and ever so slightly luxurious, look to the bold colours, sumptuous fabrics and sleek metallic surfaces of Art Deco.

Not sure where to start? Check out these ideas to find some inspiration.

Light up with chrome
The new materials of the machine age inspired Art Deco’s use of stainless steel, aluminium and plastics, as well as gleaming chrome plating.

In your contemporary living room, introduce chrome through furniture and accessories, or choose a statement floor lamp like this one.

Tuck in some club chairs
For an instant shot of Art Deco glamour, invest in a club chair or two.

Originally called the ‘fauteuil confortable’, or ‘comfortable armchair’, these rounded seats were first created in France, but many different designs emerged throughout the 20th century.

Be bold with colour
Many Art Deco interiors are characterised by a striking monochrome colour scheme, but the style is also synonymous with bold shades.

Bring in vivid tones of peacock blue, emerald green, reds and yellows. Here, the blue sofa is lifted by gold cushions and complemented by a vase of red flowers.

Make it metallic
As well as using new industrial materials, the designers of original Art Deco interiors showcased metals such as brass and copper.

There are plenty of beautiful furniture pieces and accessories on the market that feature these classic metallics. Try a glass and brass coffee table like this one, or choose metal light fixtures.

Shape up
Geometric forms are a big part of Art Deco design, so include them where possible. They don’t have to be part of a wallpaper or fabric pattern, however. Instead, look out for furniture and accessories with black outlines that form straight-lined shapes.

Style with storage
Combine design and function by incorporating Art Deco-style storage into your living room. A sideboard is ideal, as it provides plenty of space for clutter and is an extra surface for displaying art and accessories.

Max out a mirror
Add an extra gleaming surface to your Art Deco-style living room with a mirror. Classic looking glasses of the period often had bevelled edges and were engraved with geometric patterns, or perhaps animals.

Full article with thanks to https://www.houzz.co.uk/magazine/7-essential-elements-for-an-art-deco-style-living-room-stsetivw-vs~108733460

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