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Full article with thanks to Biophilic design contributes to making people feel comfortable and at ease in interiors, which justifies its application to hospitality design. Biophilic features can also easily become focal elements, creating that wow factor that’s so important in commercial interiors. So today we’re looking at biophilic design applied to restaurants, which will make the space […]

How to Use Mirrors in Interior Design

Full article with thanks to Interior designers use mirrors of different shapes, styles and sizes to ramp up visual interest, create optical illusions or to generate a cheery atmosphere. You can follow the lead of designer-savvy professionals by incorporating mirrors into almost any room in your home. Choose the right mirrors to reflect your […]

Art deco will be the visual language of 2021

Full article with thanks to Who am I to say this? You’re right. I can’t tell for certain what will or won’t make a comeback, but I have a feeling Art Deco will. At least our own interpretation of it. And I’m here for it if it happens. Over the past few decades, we’ve […]

How to use mirrors to add value to your home

Lloyd bronze with gold trim room setting 2 art deco wall mirror

Can you believe that the right mirror placement can actually increase the value of your home? It’s true! Simple home improvements like changing the position of wall art or using mirrors to highlight darker areas can have a marked impact in perceived property attractiveness. In other words, your home will appear more valuable to those […]

10 unmissable interior design tips – for making a house a home

Full article with thanks to Consider this a free design consultation to help style and furnish your home When it comes to designing your house to create a home there’s more than meets the eye. Pulling a room together and transforming the features to make it functional yet stylish is not often an easy […]

Art Deco Mirrors: A Buying Guide

knightsbridge gold art deco fan mirror

Whether you’re already into art deco or are just getting more familiar with the style, this guide will cover everything you need to know about buying an art deco mirror. Art deco is represented by smooth lines, geometric shapes, and often bright colours. It can be found across paintings, furniture, all aspects of interior design […]