Now that Season 7 of the infamous Game of Thrones has ended, the worldwide hype has continued with fans creating their own theories for how the next season will close out the show.

It has become so popular since it began that Game of Thrones paraphernalia has become commonplace in our lifestyles – whether that is in our clothing, advertising or home décor. So, in this post we are going to show you some ideas to help you GOT your home in a less conspicuous way.

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Decorating with Plants

03/08/2017 18:26

‘Green design’ is the new trend, and what better way to bring in the green than decorating with plants. Plants produce a natural and refreshing vibe in our homes.

Designers are always coming up with new and easier ways to raise plants indoors so, below, we will look at some of our favourite stylish yet straightforward ways that you can decorate with plants.

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How To Feng Shui Your Home

20/07/2017 19:31

Feng Shui is an ancient practice used to create harmony in your surroundings. The idea is to create Chi (energy flow) through your home by decorating it in such a way that allows the energy to circulate.

Creating this flow of energy through your home is really important for a home that feels light and livable. The position of furniture, lighting and other décor can get in the way of the energy flow and easy movement around a room or your home.

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As you know, Mirror Mania is a huge fan of Art Deco; we’ve talked about our favourite Art Deco inspired rooms on our blog, which you can check out right here, and we have also explored decorating your home with Art Deco right here.

So, in this post, we decided to have a look at some beautiful architecture from around the world to help you catch some inspiration.

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Bring the summery outdoors inside with these beautiful ideas.

Summer is Served

A refreshing leafy green colour combined with a beautiful organic wood perfectly represents the great outdoors. If your kitchen is currently decorated in a neutral palette, bringing through a shade like this will take your kitchen to a whole new level – Plus if you don’t want to redecorate, you could add countertop decorations and fresh green plants. With a kitchen like this, preparing sumptuous food and rejuvenating summer drinks will be will be that bit extra refreshing for you and your guests.

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Everyone wants their homes to look beautiful when friends and family come to visit so the bedroom often becomes a room that is less that decorated. Large, grand open interiors always take our breaths away but it is not always easy to recreate on this scale in our own homes so let’s have a look at how can we take this classic royal style and bring it into one of rooms in your house – the bedroom.


Royal Urban Glam

Grace your bedroom with royal opulence and a feeling of luxury each time you walk in and prepare to relax. Mix up classic décor with a modern touch to create an urban glam style. Convey a romantic feeling with silky sheets, rich and deep shades of purple with classical furniture and velvet headboard. Magnify the charm by adding a stunning low lit chandelier and an acid-etched wall mirror to pull through an industrial vibe.


Mirrors and Turquoise

Go chic and classy with a royal bedroom and implement art deco furniture and lighting. This mirrored four-poster bed adds luxury to this classically decorated room. Furthermore, the turquoise pulls the room together and makes it feel calming and expensive. Click here to for more art deco furniture inspiration.



Art Deco Inspiration

Enjoy the royal treatment in your bedroom with the use of Art Deco elements for that extra glitz and glamour. Let your mirrored furniture take its shine by adding a soft background and work a regal ambiance through your bedroom by choosing textured or patterned wallpaper. Bring through a mix of thick cotton and silk fabrics. Choose a bedframe that is unusual or select a mirrored headboard and add some glitzy overhead lighting and table lamps.



Minimal Parisian

Style Add some Parisian elegance to your bedroom with a mix light colours, fabrics and furniture styles. Plain walls and ceilings make a perfect canvas for classical furniture that is mixed with a chic modern minimal style. You don’t need to go overly grand on your décor to create a classic royal vibe so focus on the smaller details of the room like the bed, lighting and table decorations.


A Royal Neutral Bedroom

Neutral doesn’t need to be boring – It can be lavish and glamorous with the right elements and design. Make the bed an enchanting focal feature by adding a large tufted headboard that is a shade darker than most of the colours in the room to add extra interest and warmth. Velvet is great option to create extra luxury that also complements other fabrics in the room. Complete the charm by adding black side tables with pops of colour from some gorgeous flowers. Also, don’t forget the sparkling and reflective accessories.

French Royalty

Be inspired by classic French features without going over the top by adding your own modern twist to the room. Bring in small details like pearl white with some golden French classical accents and luxurious layered fabrics. Details like this wall coving and plaster ceiling design and might be all you need to pull through a class feel. These features beautifully contrast with classic dark rich velvet furniture.


Glamorous Layering

Use a canopy bed as a focal point and decorate the room from there. Instantly feel special as soon as you walk in the room with a bed that screams luxury by layering up different fabrics in similar shades. Team it up with a beautiful headboard and a furniture that feel just as luxurious. Channel a relaxing atmosphere into the room with warm lighting that creates a sophisticated glow next to an earthy toned colour scheme. 


Regal Coziness

The bedroom should be a place to relax so it is important to make this your main priority. Invest in a soft bed with a beautiful padded headboard paired with lots of soft and cosy fabric blankets and pillows. Finally, add some canopy curtains with a gorgeous chandelier to achieve an utmost royal atmosphere.

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Your living room is likely where you spend quite a lot of your time when you are home and it is also a place where your guests will spend some time too so it is fair to say that this room is one of the most important.

Here is some inspiration about how you can make your living room look and feel more expensive.


No Clutter

Go for a simple solution to create luxury in your living room by clearing out the clutter. Set up focus areas around the room, for example, add beautiful ornaments, plants, accessories or books to your coffee table.

If your home has a floorplan that allows for it, why not open up the living space by removing dividing walls or consider removing the doors and create an archway in their places. This will make your home feel like it has a lot more space. If this isn’t something you can do, you could replace the living room doors with something a little more minimal.



Eye-catching works of art

Change the scene of an all-white room by adding a large triptych or a single piece of art. A striking piece of art can be all it takes to take a room from feeling boring to feeling totally luxurious. Stick to a neutral colour scheme to draw everyone’s interest to the stunning piece of art. Investing in a work of art that you love is such a simple way to make you feel proud of your home.

Click here to view our Triptych Wall Art

Click here to view our Glass Wall Art Collection



Materials and textures

Create magic by combining simple materials to create a richer living room. Mix up the colours of your furniture, use different fabric textures and prints and then pull through the same colour scheme through to your wall art and frames.



Focal points

A statement piece of furniture or a mirror is a game changer for your living room. In this case, a striking cobalt blue tuxedo sofa. Choose something in a colour or fabric that is completely different to the rest of the room to keep the focus right on that area of the room. Choose some metallic accents to add smaller interest points around the room.

Click here to explore our mirror collection


Classical features

Add a classical plaster cornice to the ceiling and a detailed fireplace to create a rich warm atmosphere to your living room.

These features can be used to carry the rest of the room so keep it modern by adding more contemporary pieces of furniture and home accessories. Define the classical fireplace by adding a large mirror to give the illusion of more space.



Long Curtains

Turn a comfortable living area into an elegant place to relax by adding some floor to ceiling curtains that blend in with the wall colour. This will create an illusion of a higher ceiling and also a warm luxurious atmosphere. Moreover, beautiful curtains always add an expensive feel to a room.



Choose a rich colour

Intensify the luxurious ambience in your eclectic living room simply with the use of a rich colour of paint for the walls. Choose a shade that will both heighten and balance out the rest of the room.

Walls in a rich dark shade next to colourful plush fabrics and metallic accents evoke a posh vibe none of your guests will see coming.


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Decorating with Glass

09/05/2017 13:09

Decorating with glass doesn’t need to be all about windows and decorative ornaments. There are so many options and it just takes a little thinking outside of the box to transform a room using glass. Here are some ideas for your house.


Textured Glass Ideas

Break out from the norm and give your shower glass divider a creative twist by choosing a textured one. A thin glass divider lets you get rid of those bulky partitions or unstable and outdated shower curtains. You could go with a textured or frosted option or look at having something designed especially for your bathroom.



Frosted & Etched Glass Designs

Create the impression that your kitchen is a beautiful painting by using frosted glass with an etched design for your kitchen cabinet doors. Added frosted glass cabinets lets the crockery and utensils a little more look appealing than having them sitting on the work surface. Plus, as a bonus, it gives you the extra incentive for keeping your cupboards tidy!



Glass Walls & Tiled Glass

Take advantage of that beautiful space outside by installing floor to ceiling windows. They let in plenty of light, create a fresh, peaceful outdoor atmosphere and can completely modernise your home. Another great option is to install a glass tiled wall. You could use this to create added privacy on an outside wall or to separate an open living space.



Stained Glass Panels

Create a classic look in your kitchen with decorative stained glass cabinet doors. You could have them designed especially to compliment your current kitchen décor so that you can make it look like a brand-new kitchen without having to change everything. You could enhance them further by adding under cabinet lighting to exude a warm ambiance across the space. At Mirror Mania, we offer a design and consultancy service to customers to help them create just what they are looking for their homes. Please click here for further information and to contact us.

We also offer ceiling domes and door/window panels – You can explore them using the links below:

Click here to find out more about our Decorative Ceiling domes and panels.

Click here to find out more about our Decorative Door and Window Panels.



Conservatory Inspiration

Bring in natural lighting by having not only glass walls but glass ceilings as well. Evoke an open and one with nature feeling with this set up. Combine with white walls, white flooring and wooden furniture to make enhance the glass features.


Corrugated Glass Partitions

Let the creativity of glass walls run through your bathroom to create a partition. These corrugated glass panels divide areas but still leave the room feeling spacious and modern.


Glass Flooring

You could replace a rug with a glass floor like the one in this beautiful home to create a minimal space. Make an impression with coloured glass for a to make it more striking and unforgettable to anyone who visits your home. You could even take this glass panelling up the wall to further modernise your home.



Panelled Glass Doors

Panelled glass doors create an old-fashioned vibe and add extra light to all dark spaces. Use a frosted glass to create privacy between room, choose a coloured glass or have something designed to match your room.


Glass Furniture

Glass furniture in a small room or home is perfect to create the illusion of space by reflecting light. It adds a sophisticated vibe to the room and glams up a space in an instant. Pair up pieces of glass furniture with acrylic chairs for a clean yet a stylish result. 

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Spring is here and so let us inspire you with some lovely bright and cheerful home ideas that are the perfect way to bring Spring indoors and enjoy it all year round.

Earth & Nature

Spring is all about reviving nature so channelling its rejuvenating aura in your home is a wonderful way to refresh your home. Create an extension of the great outdoors in your living room placing plants around the room for an always fresh feel. Use hazelnut coloured furniture to keep an earthy tone. One of our favourite ideas for an outside inside room is to add an accent wall of wood tiles or even select a natural wood or tree print wallpaper to create a fresh atmosphere.


Artisanal Decor

Give your home a creative twist by incorporating artisanal décor made from copper or iron. These exquisite accessories give identity and charm to this neutral spring dining room. Add in some plants for a fresh feel or you could go one step further and fill your kitchen and dining room with herbs in plain minimal plant pots. We love the dusty pink canvas used in the background here – It is a great way to implement a new colour in a plain room without having to decorate!


Neutrals & Blooms

Start with a blank canvas and add to the design using minimal furniture and wall art selecting 1 or two colours that pop out from pieces of furniture throughout the room. We think this type of décor is ideal all year round and it can be brought into each new season by adding some seasonal décor – For Spring, of course, some lovely Spring flowers would be right at home in this room.


Spring Blooms

Apply a vibrant aura in your home by adding multi-coloured plants and flowers that represent the Spring season. You could group many plant and flowers together using vases made from different materials and heights. This is bound to catch the eyes of your visitors and make you feel cheerful every time you walk into the room.


All about Cobalt

Cobalt blue adds an instant cool and calming effect to any room. Make it more exciting by combine it accessories in many cobalt shades and patterns. Pair this up with bright white walls to make them stand out and catch the eyes of your guests.


Olive Green

As Greenery is the colour of the year for 2017, anything that reminds you of lush foliage is ideal for your Spring home – In this case, we have chosen olive green. Take your Kitchen back to nature by implementing a green colour to the room. Now, you could put out all the stops here and have a brand-new kitchen installed or you could DIY your current kitchen cupboards with some paint. Another great option to implement some Greenery into your kitchen would be to add coloured accessories such as utensils or crockery.

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Vintage Inspired Home Décor

10/04/2017 16:52

Vintage is a style that never fades, which makes it perfect for your home! Explore these stunning ideas and inspiration on how to make your home classic with vintage inspired home décor. There really is something for everyone amongst these ideas. DIY with Vibrant Reclaimed Materials Reclaimed wood can be put to good use in so many ways. Use colourful pieces of wood as panels along a wall for a vibrant atmosphere and pair it against retro appliances in your kitchen for a dramatic vintage effect.


Industrial Vintage Vibe

Vintage inspired home décor allows for an interesting mix materials that aren’t typically used to decorate. The trendy combination of industrial grouped light bulb fixtures and an array of candleholders with features like an antique chest or a vintage bicycle adds real character and personality to a room.


Country vs. Classical

Creating a vintage inspired home or room gives you the opportunity to mix different interior design styles and achieve an interesting result every time. Shabby Chic decor has been a big trend amongst interiors designers in recent years likely due to the cosy homely atmosphere it creates. If you like Shabby Chic decor or have already implemented some shabby chic elements in your home why not mix it up a little and create a blended classic vibe. This hallway is great example; showcasing a welcoming antique sideboard with a framed distressed mirror, china pieces, plaid printed lampshades against a classic bright white door frame.


Retro Vintage Ideas

Channel some radiance into your space by implement the colourful retro side of vintage decor. Let geometric patterns flow in and add bold and vibrant colours such as red, orange, yellow, green and blue. If this is too much colour for you why not create a canvas of black and white walls and moldings and bring through bright retro elements through fabrics, table decorations or one off pieces of furniture.


Vintage Chic Living Room

Give your home a modern chic twist by using pastel-coloured tufted sofas, classical gilded wall art or mirrors and bold striped curtains. Get your DIY hat on and paint vintage furniture white to keep a crisp classic feel throughout the room. Neutralize the bold elements with a plain white floor and light coloured walls.


Raw Vintage Home Decor

Go for a simplistic approach to your vintage inspired home that doesn’t require too much intervention. Showcase vintage objects together with wooden furniture for a warm and nostalgic aura. Keep it minimal with light coloured walls to focus attention on the vintage atmosphere through accessories and smaller decor features such as lighting.


Retro Bathroom with Art Deco Details

Why not give your bathroom a vintage makeover. We love these light mint green tiles which create an air of art deco through the dark lines. Take this look one step further with an art deco inspired mirror or 1920s style furniture or lighting. You don’t need to keep this art deco confined to the bathroom - Let the geometric lines move through your house to inspire another room in your home. For more art deco inspiration check out the Mirror Mania Range here.


Vintage Artifacts and Antiques

Old or antique style home accessories, furniture, mirrors and lighting are a lovely way to add a vintage feel to any room without going all in on a classic vintage look. Group items together in a space that will catch your eye and to create a section dedicated to vintage accessories or spread them throughout the room - This is a great way to refresh a room’s decor if it is feeling a little tired without redecorating the whole room.

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It’s time for the cheery Easter season. So, shower your home with gorgeous spring flowers, vibrant colours, whimsical decor and let your playful side out.

An Elegant take on Easter

If you are not a fan of an overly festive approach to Easter, why not embrace a more sophisticated and traditional Easter style? Highlight the season with elegant table accessories mixed in with some fun Easter themed decorations then add some candleholders to create a cosy family atmosphere at dinner. Round up the look by bringing some lovely spring flowers indoors. 

Easter Stickers

No, stickers aren’t just for the kids… Be festive and fun this Easter season and add some removable wall accent stickers. It’s the easiest way to celebrate the holiday in your home without having to factor in any permanent decorations - shine the spirit of Easter throughout your house with some inexpensive creative Easter magic.


A Taste of Spring

Celebrate the holiday by decorating your dinner table with a Spring theme rather than going all out on Easter decorations. Chose a crisp white table cloth and use an array of Spring flowers to perfectly create a dreamy, fresh Easter atmosphere.


Beautiful Bunnies

Have some fun with bunny-themed décor. Create a display on your sideboard or coffee table with a mix of different Easter themed accessories and combine them with fresh flowers for a beautiful yet fun springtime presentation for your guests.


Spring Sunshine

It’s time to bring some sunshine indoors and plant some Sunflowers. Get the kids involved in planting them inside some lovely terracotta pots next to the window. Once they are ready you can cut them down and add them to large vases to keep the spring season alive in your home.


Subtle Easter Decor

If you want to create something a little more subtle why not decorate with neutral coloured eggs by placing them in straw nests or simply blending them in with your other accessories.


A Vibrant Easter

Easter is a joyful celebration so inject your home with its vibrant colours when you invite family and friends around to celebrate. Use bold fabrics to decorate your table keeping the table looking sharp with plain crockery, then pair this up with ceramic Flowers pots full of gorgeous spring flowers. Lastly, add a subtle Easter Egg theme to the table with golden Easter egg nests. This style is perfect if you want to make an Easter impact and without having to invest in lots of decorations.


An Excuse to Redecorate

If you are looking to redecorate why not use Easter as an excuse to get it done? Spring is usually the best time to clear out the clutter and make space for some fresh sunshine vibes. You can look at the season for inspiration or you could choose something beautifully toned down. Check out our blog post ‘2017 Year Round Colour Inspiration’ for some inspiration – 2017 is packed with vibrant, fresh and earthy colours that are perfect to kick-start the spring season. If you are not in the running to redecorate then have some fun with your current décor by adding fun Easter features like these eggs hanging on branches in this lovely cosy corner.

An Easter to Remember

Channel the playful and colourful spirit of the season and go big on your Easter decorations. Make your home fun and inviting, for all ages. This is where you can let Pinterest DIY projects and recipes run wild. Let this season be one that everyone will always remember.

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Your home doesn’t necessarily need to be full of colour to look great. Monochrome décor is a great option whether you want to create something more contemporary and something classic. Here are some great ideas to help inspire your home.

Dramatic Flair

Create a dramatic setting in your monochrome space by using classical elements such as black chandeliers and a plain coloured sofa with gorgeous patterned and textured cushions. Add some extra sophistication to the room by adding silver table accessories or furniture.

Mirror Mania Inspiration:

1. Polished Aluminium Pair Of Globe Bookends

2. Fiore Black Chrome Crystal Chandelier

3. Olivia Crystal Pendant in Polished Chrome with Black Shade

Aliso Viejo

Play with Textures

Ensure that your monochrome space doesn’t look too bland by playing with patterns and textures. Be bold and mix diverse patterns in your fabrics, upholstery and wallpaper for an engaging take on the black and white room. Add contrast by using wooden floors and accent colours in your pillows. You can even create extra texture by selecting a table lamp with a pleated lamp shade.

Mirror Mania Inspiration:

1. Olivia Crystal Table Lamp in Polished Chrome with Black Shade

2. Art Deco Newton Crystal Table Lamp with White Shade

St. Paul Carriage House

Monochrome Bathrooms

Create a defining effect on your monochromatic bathroom by focusing on black frames and black moldings on white interior elements. Black and white is ideal for this space as it exudes a clean and neat ambience with the straight long lines. The striped flooring gives a wide illusion to this small space. You could recreate something like this using a striped rug or just replacing the flooring in a white decorated bathroom. If your bathroom moldings are white you could implement an art deco mirror to bring through the clean lines.

Mirror Mania Inspiration:

1. Classic Original Handcrafted Art Deco Wall Mirror

2. Gatsby Original Handcrafted Art Deco Fan Wall Mirror

Traditional Bathroom

Black Accent Wall

Magnify the elegant and bold features of a monochrome dining room by incorporating a daring black wall as the focal point of the area. Pick a matte and unsaturated shade of black to go with the wooden dining table and chandelier. Also, why not include polished concrete floors to add flavour to this black and white space.

Mirror Mania Inspiration:

1. Olivia Crystal Pendant in Polished Chrome with Black Shade

2. Kanya Polished Chrome Crystal Chandelier

Flinders Ranch


Monochrome Bedroom Inspiration

Achieve a peaceful environment in your bedroom with the use of a monochrome colour scheme. Black and white printed sheets and grey textured blankets give off an irresistible charm to the space without overdoing it. Add a black-framed photograph and a black-framed mirror to define the minimalist attributes of the room.

Mirror Mania Inspiration:

1. Dreaming Original Handcrafted Coloured Glass Range of Artistic Modern Wall Mirrors

2. Shockwave 3 Piece Modern Wall Mirror

Styling Skanstorget

Artistic Ideas

When creating an artistic modern living room, monochrome is picture perfect. Go for a light coloured floor and use a light grey or white plain wall - the perfect base colour for stand out black and white wall art. Warm the room up by bring through some rich tan or furniture.

Mirror Mania Inspiration:

1. Black Knight Original Handcrafted Coloured Glass Artistic Wall Mirror

2. Sorocco Original Handcrafted Coloured Glass 2 Piece Wall Art 

Roslagsgatan 23

Classic Monochrome

Nothing defines a classically styled room more than bright white moldings. Pair them up with black doors and a beautiful chandelier for a real wow factor. Style the space with silver accessories to keep it feeling elegant or add some brighter coloured wall art to create a contemporary look.

Mirror Mania Inspiration:

1. ‘Wave’ Wall Art

2. Original Art ''Awakening' by British Artist, Phillip Orr

3. Alexandra Globe Crystal Chandelier

Royal York Apartment

Reflective Elements

Add in some reflective elements to your monochrome living room of matte black walls through an impressive mirrored piece of art or a large. Use them as a focal point of the room to catch the eye of visitors. Amplify the reflective elements on the walls by adding silver furniture and accessories.

Mirror Mania Inspiration:

1. Elite Original Handcrafted Coloured Glass Modern Wall Mirror

2. Moonlight Original Handcrafted Coloured Glass Modern Wall Mirror

3. Skeleton Silver Metal Wall Clock

Rocky Ledge Library

Chic Decor

Create a chic and elegant atmosphere in your bathroom by choosing a dark head-turning pattern wallpaper above a white wooden panelled wall. Make your space feel even more luxurious by adding a black ceiling accentuated with a stunning chandelier.

Mirror Mania Inspiration:

1. Elise Crystal Chandelier

2. Alanza - Large Antique Gold Bird Cage Crystal Chandelier

Sunnyside Road Residence Powder Room 2

Home Office Ideas

This black home office is the perfect representation of a bold take on a monochrome room. Keeping it classy by accessorising with golden details and a fascinating wallpaper and table accessories.

Mirror Mania Inspiration:

1. Art Deco Crystal Cascade Table Lamp

2. Entice Original Artistic Wall Mirror - Volcano from British Artist Phillip Orr

2011 HHL Den

A monochrome colour scheme is the best way to keep your space classy and timeless. With this list of inspirational ideas we’re sure that you will be able to create a beautiful space for your home.

A little extra inspiration from Mirror Mania

Margot - Antiqued Silver Leaf Dressing Table Stool Tilda Cream Dressing Table and 3 Fold Mirror Set


Steffan Venetian Mirror Chest of Drawers Cafe De La Tour Balck and White Metal Framed Wall Clock


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Hallways can be one of the most overlooked areas in your home when it comes to interior design. However, it is the first area that you see when you come home and it’s also the place that installs a first impression of you home in your guests. So, here are some great ideas to help you make your hallway the best it can be.


If your home has quote a long hallway, make it a little interesting by playing with textures on the walls, floor or even the ceiling. Maybe, try decorating the walls in a neutral textural wallpaper and perhaps choose a colour for the ceilings that matches the furniture or accessories in your hallway to bring it all together.




Mirrors in hallways are great for both functional and decorative purposes. It will instantly make the room look bigger especially for narrow hallways and it also reflects light to the area. For decorative reasons, choose a distressed mirror for character and to bring a unique personality in your hallway.


Grade II Listed, Hertfordshire Home - Part I


Choose a striking floor for a compelling hallway. Hallways don’t have to be boring and dull – When your guests enter your house, give them a preview of what else is inside your home so they are prepared to be wowed even more as they move through your house by installing a flooring or rug that makes them say 'wow'.


Why not be bold and opt for dark coloured walls. Not only is it very different from a standard hallway, whereby people choose décor to create a bright ambiance. You can work in a lighter colour for the ceiling, floor and furniture to soften it. Continue to run the interest by adding a rug that runs through a fascinating set-up at the end of hall and make it even more inviting for you and your guests.


Vintage Chic


Nothing can catch anyone’s eye more than antique and traditional pieces of décor. They exude expense and style – the perfect impression to give when friends and family knock on the door. Why not try arranging install an ornate mirror or some antique furniture for an enchanting welcome.


Traditional Dallas Residence


For tiny hallways, all you need to make it notable some a wonderful wallpaper. Choose something light in colour so it’ll make the hallway appear larger. Why not try a subtle floral design or light geometric patterns to add some extra interest and texture to your walls. Pair it up with a simple or make a louder statement with a mirrored table.

Beautifully Burligame
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Historically, mirrors were more of a status symbol and a luxury rather than a necessary commodity. These glass pieces have a long history behind them but are mostly used for both for aesthetic and functional purposes. Mirrors house beauty not only with the reflections they project but also with their own compositions as well. Let’s find out the different styles of mirrors that you can choose from to perfect your homes interior decor. 


Rococo Mirrors

These mirrors represent the graceful luxury and grandeur celebrated during the Rococo era. Intricate designs, ornate curves and massive gilt frames make these mirrors playful but elegant. Although, Rococo mirrors work best in classical and Rococo-inspired homes, adding them in a more contemporary setting enhances any space with its exceptional class and regal character. Hang them together with your other furniture or feature them alone, either way Rococo mirrors will always hang proud wherever they are placed. 

View our Rococo Mirrors here.


Venetian Mirrors  

Venice is known for its skilful glassmaking techniques and their mirrors are paragons of their artisans’ outstanding delicate designs and are still considered amongst the best in the world. Murano glass artisans perfected the techniques that make Venetian mirrors so exquisite and sought-after. From the streamlined etched style to the more artistic designs of scrolls, swags, floral, and elaborate bevelled pieces all exude a Venetian classic look and are the perfect piece to add to your home. 

The extravagant and richly-gilded type of Venetian Mirrors make great touches to any Italian Neo-classical inspired home and the simpler yet equally elegant mirrors will provide a dramatic flair to any classic modern home. A Venetian mirror in your home is a great way to add a piece of history to your home. 

View our Venetian Mirrors here. 

Modern Mirrors 

Modern mirrors are pieces of art that show that elegance and luxury in a home can also be obtained with simple, geometric and unique highly polished mirrors. These mirrors have the modern characteristics of simplicity and beauty that doesn’t compromise function. Intricate frames were vital to a mirror’s design and character as from the previous eras. Though they are still part of the modern mirrors, they are being made thinner, more interestingly unique and even adapting to the frameless pieces. Modern mirrors accentuate a modern and contemporary home in terms of its funky and distinct designs and making it more functional due to its space saving ability and flexibility. These are surely head-turners no contemporary home décor enthusiasts can resist. 

View our Modern Mirrors here.


Art Deco Mirrors  

Art deco homes influenced by the different styles of the 1920’s, an era of modern design mixed with fine craftsmanship and rare expensive materials. A combination of luxury and modernity, mirrors became less ornamental than previous eras but still carry a distinct style. Art Deco mirrors are often made using chrome-plated steel and have streamlined and bold geometric shapes. They offer a simpler approach to decor that still encompass the spirit of 1920’s glamour. These mirrors can create a striking focal point within your home effortlessly. Having these mirrors in a modern or Art Deco-inspired room provides a stylish solution and timeless look.

View our Art Deco Mirrors here.

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New Year means new inspiration. 2017 opens up new colour inspiration that can invigorate your home decoration ideas. Here are the colours that will be making an impact all year round. 



Los Gatos Townhouse


This is Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2017. This yellow-green hue embodies a calling to reconnect back with nature, authenticity and being organic. A break from the modernity of this world and a chance to go back to our roots, a refreshing rejuvenation. Incorporating Greenery into your homes brings the feel of the great outdoors inside our homes. A shade of green always enlivens our tired eyes and dull souls after a gruelling day at work. What better colour to choose for a new year than a colour that perfectly represents new beginnings?


Poised Taupe 

Contemporary Bedroom


Sherwin-Williams big winner for the colour of the year is Poised Taupe. “It’s like gray and brown had a baby”, says Sue Wadden, director of colour marketing for Sherwin-Williams. It is very versatile and can create balance when paired with the right elements. It can be both modern and classic, or simple and playful. Neutrals are totally making a statement right now and they’re

here to stay. 



Modern Bedroom


For Benjamin Moore, Shadow will be 2017’s colour of the year. It’s a bold colour but when paired with lighter coloured wall, it creates a warm sophisticated modern look. It is definitely a very interesting colour and adding it to your rooms in 2017 it will bring an instant unique character to your home.


Denim Drift 

Dulux Colour of the Year 2016 - Denim Drift


A soft summery shade of blue is Dulux choice for this year. Denim Drift embodies an everyday and everywhere colour that is pleasing and very versatile. This is a great colour which can be used to project youthfulness and calmness into your home.


Honey Yellow  

Dunn-Edwards 2017 Color of the Year: Honey Glow (DE5354)


Dunn-Edwards choses a vibrant Honey Yellow to be at the forefront of colours for this year. It’s simply a happy colour that will bring warmth and joy anytime. It’s fun and exciting yet the colour being softly desaturated it makes it perfect when paired with natural materials and textures. 


Comfortable, Composed & Confident 


One colour isn’t enough for Behr as they have 20 hues for this year’s colour inspiration. These are sorted into three lifestyle collections: Comfortable, Composed and Confident. It’s going to be a very diverse year with the variety of hues that will cater to our varied personalities and styles in our rooms. From muted pastels, to deep earth and jewel tones through to the rich bold colours. One palette that will appeal to the adventurous or wants to take some bold risks this year is the Confident palette. Be playful and add drama into your homes with the help of these playful hues. 


Red Maple  



Valspar also selected not only a single colour inspiration for this year, but 12. They have chosen different hues from light to dark, neutrals to bold colours. One colour they have from this selection is an earthy Red Maple colour that symbolizes the warmth and comfort we all desire in our homes. Gold home accessories accentuate the colour just the right way.

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2017 Interior Design Trends

15/12/2016 17:20

Trends are here to guide and inspire us, be it in fashion, arts, technology or interior design, we can choose to take full advantage of them or just a hint of inspiration. So, whether you are a trend seeker or just need some inspiration for a change of decor, here are some of the trends ready to make a hit in 2017 and make this year in your home an exciting one.


Nature will be a big hit in 2017. One of the big themes from this is Terracotta - It’s all about tiles, wall colours and plant pots and bringing warm and earthy tones to your home to instantly bring character and appeal to any room.


Casa Rustica, Mallorca, 2015



Cork will be a big trend during the year, which is very adaptable – it can be used for walls, floors or even to create pieces of art. Why not have a full wall of cork and pin your photographs to it – This would be perfect in an office or kitchen to add some notes and inspiration to brighten up your day. It provides texture and warmth and it is also noise-absorbent which may be an extra bonus if you have noisy neighbours. 

This trend also brings in reclaimed wood, chipboard and plywood too. Add a mixture of homely plant pots (Terracotta is perfect).

Follow this trend for the purpose of going totally organic and creating a minimal relaxing ambiance to come home to or just add accents of organic materials to your space. 


Cape Cod Residence


With everyone being so immersed in technology, detaching yourself from gadgets and tech is much needed now and again. Use 2017 to set some intentions to create a peaceful spot in your home where you can relax with a good book, listen to music or mediate.

Maybe it is time to maximize your space and transform that little abandoned area of your home into your very own private spot. Why not set-up a reading nook or just layer up some floor cushions where you can sit and reflect and relax away from all the noise.


Northshore Lake Front Estate


Dark Green will be prominent in 2017 as this colour symbolizes rejuvenation, peace and harmony. It’s a very calming colour that still projects elegance and class. A deep green is a great way to bring the outside inside whether that is by revamping the walls, adding some gorgeous plants or bringing in a dark green piece of artwork; anything that helps us connect with nature in some form or another will bring balance and restoration to our mood.


Cormar Carpets


The vibrant jewel tones of emerald, sapphire, ruby and amethyst will make your 2017 ooze with decadence. These features are perfect for dark timbers and rich wood tones that can glam up a room any time. Accessorize dark tones with sparkling gold accents and reflective metal surfaces. Use lush velvets, drapes and classic quilted sofas to complete the look. 


Malvern Residence 2


This trend is a breakaway from the conventional and modular hard headboards. Make your bed extra cosy with a soft plush headboard. It is an easy and creative way to update your bed whilst keeping up with the 2017 trends. Adding a new headboard to your bed is a great way to bring through some of the other trends for this year including velvets and sparkly accents.


Lancelot Place, Knightsbridge


Antique and vintage furniture has everything you need to make your home feel stylish and homely this year. Adding new accents of repurposed furniture doesn’t only provide your home with the comfort you need but it will also add character and charm that can’t be replicated in any other home. A new year certainly doesn’t have to mean new furniture so, get your DIY gloves on and reuse, recycle and reupholster.


Edwardian House, South West London


Authenticity will be a very big trend in 2017. Traditional handmade products will be highly appreciated this year and are the perfect additions for a modern home. Artisanal features like embroidery, knitting and crochet will channel uniqueness and ingenuity in your home. You can add accents throughout your rooms with cushions, blankets, wall hangings or even handcrafted furniture, lighting and mirrors.


work space
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1. Large mirrors for small rooms

This is probably the best solution for small spaces but you can’t deny that it might not work in every small room. It needs to be placed strategically so that you don’t overcrowd the room. For example, a mirror with a lot of detail next to a detailed wallpaper may look cluttered, whereas if you use less detailed mirror like this window style mirror next to a patterned wallpaper and lot of table accessories, it pulls the room together and makes it seem much larger than it is.

A large mirror in a smaller room is the perfect way to create depth and reflect light all over the room. Carefully place it where it will accentuate beautiful features. You could choose a mirror that flows seamlessly into the wall or choose a large heavy mirror you can lean against the wall. The perfect option for the latter would be an ornate framed mirror.

Traditional Dining Room

2. Use mirrors as focal points:

Mirrors are a very adaptable piece of décor. You can use them to help create a space which is solely for the functionality or purely to make the room aesthetically pleasing. For example, a mirror in the living room is more likely to more likely to be used for reflecting light and creating space within the room rather than it being used as a place for doing your hair in the morning.

Choosing a place for your mirror to be displayed as a focal point is likely to be one of the most important decisions you will make about the room in which it is being place because you will build the rest of the room around that focal point. So, before you jump in and place the mirror think about what the purpose of the mirror is. How is it going to be used? Is it purely for doing your makeup in the morning or do you want to place this mirror in the room to create extra light?

When you have decided, place it in an area where it will catch the eye of your family and guests or simply lean it against the wall to create drama and style. Go bold and choose a unique mirror that is completely eclectic to the rest of the space or coordinate it with the elements or colours around the room to make pull the rest of the room together and draw eye towards that focal point.


3. Use Feng Shui to your advantage:


Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placement – Literally translated, it means ‘wind and water’. The concept’s aim is to create flow of chi (energy that flows through everything) within a space. 

When is comes to decorating with mirrors, use the rules of Feng Shui to your rooms advantage. Here are some key areas that you can focus on when decorating with Feng Shui in mind:

  • Reflect beautiful view of plants to double the beauty but be sure not to reflect the garden through a window or door as this will pull energy inside from the outside the window and reflecting a door is bad Feng Shui (Keep reading for more on this)
  • Reflect dining and living areas. Dining represents a family’s wealth and in the living room is where gatherings are held. Mirrors in these areas reflect and enhance the energy of that space.
  • Don’t place a mirror opposite the front door as it pushes energy right out the door. Also, putting a mirror at the end of the hallway or at the bottom of the stairs as both draws negative energy.
  • Don’t place mirrors in bedrooms. It is known to bring interference in relationships and can bring bad dreams if the bed is reflected.
  • Make sure that you don’t place it where it will reflect a stovetop or a fireplace, put it above the fireplace if you want to balance the energies within a space. 




1. Don’t use mirrors on the ceiling:

Mirrors on the ceiling is bad in terms of aesthetic and Feng Shui (See point 3 of the dos for more details on this) Mirrored ceilings reflect a cheap motel vibe and push the energy of the room in all directions. Always place your mirrors to create a flow within a room.

2. Don’t overdo it:

Don’t clutter your room with mirrors. Though they are very versatile pieces of decor, if the placement is not right, it can cause unnecessary chaos. 

Just because there are a lot of empty wall spaces in your room doesn’t mean you must put a mirror on every wall. The use of mirrors in a room is not restricted to one or two but you need to be strategic about using them to prevent clutter, create space and light. Be careful not to reflecting any clutter.  

Although mirrored furniture helps create the illusion of having more space and it also adds a certain element to any room, overdoing it can cause more harm than good. Don’t use it in busy rooms and high-traffic areas of you home.


3. Don’t forget to clean them regularly:

If your goal is not to have that antique, old world charm to your room, then you definitely have to clean your mirrors regularly as they can easily collect dust and if not done in the right way and with the right tools, streaks and lint are most likely to be still visible. Don’t settle for other than a sparkling mirror in your house. For some tips on how the get your mirrors looking spotless, read our top 4 DIY Eco Friendly and Natural Cleaning Tips for Spotless Mirrors and Glass right here.

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Crystal Perfume Bottles for Her

You can’t go wrong with one of these Crystal Perfume Bottles for your partner, your mum or sister to make them feel extra special this Christmas. You could even get them a bottle of their favourite perfume to go with it.

In addition to our crystal perfume bottles, we have some beautiful table decorations and unusual accessories including bookends, wall art and sculptures that are perfect for the ones who have everything or the ones who are hard to buy for. Surprise them with something they would not expect to receive.

All of our perfume bottles some packed in a gift box too so they are perfect for Christmas Gifts.

Click here to view the Perfume Bottle Collection.


Collette Perfume Bottle

'Colette' Oval Bottle with Jewels - from £45

Renee Perfume Bottle

'Renee' Crystal Perfume Bottle - from £49

Maurine Perfume Bottle

'Maurine' Crystal Perfume Bottle - from £45


Another great way to compliment your gift of a crystal perfume bottle, you could start designing a new concept for a beauty station for getting ready in the morning or for a night out. The Savino Dressing Table and Margot Stool look gorgous together and will make the lasy in your life's mornings extra special. For more inspiration on creating a Beauty Station for your special someone check out our guide to creating the perfect Beauty Station right here.


Savino - Antiqued Silver Venetian Glass Dressing Table

'Savino' Antiqued Silver Venetian Glass Dressing Table

Margot - Antiqued Silver Leaf Dressing Table Stool

'Margot' Antiqued Silver Leaf Dressing Table Stool


Art Deco Mirrors

As Mirror Mania specialises in Art Deco Mirrors, it would be rude not to include some of our stunning Art Deco Mirrors. We have a huge range of designs, in various colours and finishes so making something that is the perfect fit for your home is a great option.

Other Glass Design includes, Ceiling Domes, Wall Panels, Windows which are perfect for kickstarting new renovations on your home for the coming new year.

The full range of Art Deco Mirrors can be viewed here.

We also have a wide range of artistic mirror and glass art so if you need some inspiration, have a look through our catalogue of artistic glass work here.


Art Decor Mirror

Naples Original Handcrafted Full Length Wall Mirror

Vienna Art Decor Mirror

Vienna Emperor Original Handcrafted Art Deco Wall Mirror

Art Decor Mirror

Romance Original Handcrafted Art Deco Wall Mirror

Unusual Clocks

If you are looking for something a little more on the unusual side, have a look at our Clock Collection. We have various styles from antique to metal framed clocks. They are the perfect gift for someone who has just moved house or loves to add a touch of curiosity to their homes. An unusual clock is the perfect gift for putting the finishing touches to a kitchen or hallway. 

Skeleton Clock

Skeleton Gold Metal Wall Clock

Hague Gold Clock

Hague Metal Wall Clock



If you are in the Norfolk area, why not come down to the showroom and have a look at the collection. You can find us at:

Hopton Timber Estate, Hall Road, Hopton, Norfolk NR31 9AX - Click here to view us on google maps.

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 Put on your elf hat and be inspired to spread the holiday spirit throughout your home with our top creative tips.


Choose a concept:

There might be a lot of themes you want to incorporate in your Christmas decorations, but it is so much easier having a specific concept that you can work around rather than buying lots of different things that don’t match. Choose a colour scheme or one decoration that you want to use an inspiration or choose an area in your home and work with a bright colour that already works with your home décor. Remember when choosing a colour scheme, it doesn’t have to be traditional Christmas colours such as green and red – This purple inspired room is a great example.

HOt HOliday HOmes

Pops of colour:

Be bold and make your home as colourful and vivacious as the season’s spirit. A pop of colour to accentuate your neutral palette is just what you need. Choose happy colours that stand out – Perfect for a happy Christmas. 

Christmas Interior

Fabrics for Christmas:

Accentuate the Christmas spirit through fabrics. For example, your curtains are really flexible, they are easy to take down and put back up so that you can adapt your room to any concept in an instant. So, why not give your curtains a break and put up something a little more festive – You don’t need to do for over the top Santa, elf and holly patterned fabric, you can just pull through one colour that you will be using in your temporary Christmas décor and even create some matching chair covers and napkins to match.

This also gives you the opportunity to get your usual curtains cleaned and ready to put back up after the holidays are over, ready for a fresh new year.

Sage Brush Residence

Be Extra Extravagant:

Christmas is a festivity of joy and love, so let your dinner table be as exuberant as the season calls for and bring some extra joy to your guests faces. This table is perfectly styled with the seasonal colours of green and red yet is it isn’t over the top as the season sometimes demands. It is stylish and the variety of table decorations make it really eye catching. Unite your table accessories with white candles and small details like these red beads to emphasise the centre piece. Perfect for the best Christmas dinner yet.

Homes for the Holidays 2012- Edmonton

Happy Christmas:

This is the season to be jolly and have some fun so why not add some wit to your décor? 

Bring out your charm with quirky decorations like this note to Santa. It will make children and adults alike smile and spread the holiday cheer throughout your home. 


Homes for the Holidays 2012- Edmonton

Cosy up for the holidays:

You can be stylishly festive in your home and create a cosy and warm ambiance at the same time. The combination of earthen colours and pinches of tropical hues exude a relaxed atmosphere. The sparkles that the lights create are equally mesmerizing. Ramp up the glamour with touches of gold accessories. 


Hill Country Christmas

A wreath for every window:

A Christmas wreath doesn’t necessarily have to be hung on your front door. They look beautiful hung in windows or you can even use them to replace a piece of wall art just for the holiday season. Look for a wreath that will match your interior décor if you plan to hang it indoors so that it matches the rest of your home and doesn’t feel too temporary. 

If you can’t find a wreath to match why not buy a plain evergreen wreath and head to the haberdashery to pick out some ribbons and strings of beads that will match a bold colour from your pillows or furniture and create something really unique.

Homes for the Holidays 2012- Edmonton


Christmas treats are a huge part of the experience so indulge your guests sweet tooth with a display of Christmas treats. Add them to clear glasses for a mouth-watering effect leaving anyone craving more, especially the kids. 


Holiday Decorating

Christmas tree overload:

What is better than having a single Christmas tree? Lots of miniature Christmas trees, of course.

This is another brilliant way to decorate your dining table. Mix it out with decorative candlesticks, tea lights and colours baubles. You can never have too much glitter and sparkle for the holidays.


Traditional Dining Room

Inspiration for the Mirror Mania Collection:


Large White & Gold Moscaic Sitting Deer Twilight - Classic Glass Ball

Extra Large Narrow Aluminium Candelabra


Golden Mosaic Sitting Deer Figure


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Our Favourite Art Deco Rooms

26/10/2016 11:17

Art Deco style flourished in the 1920s and is one of the most interesting and exciting styles as it is a unique blend of different design styles. It may be a contradiction of materials and styles used but their unison creates a balance of both fundamental elegance and room functionality. Here are our favourite Art Deco rooms to inspire you to create an Art Deco paradise in your own home.

1. Art Deco Elements

A white bathroom is never boring when paired with the standout design elements. Using Art Deco features is the perfect way to exude elegance and glamour in a bathroom without going to heavy with colour. Achieve this in your own bathroom by going neutral but having a focal point that shouts ‘Art Deco’ to your guests. This art deco fan mirror paired with highly polished bathroom features and decorative art deco tiling.

Art Deco

See the collection of Babushka Mirrors right here.


2. Everything Art Deco

Art Deco is about being bold. This home theatre leaves quite an impression and a massive appreciation for historical architecture and design. After the discovery of King Tut’s tomb in 1922, Art Deco was geometrically influenced by Egyptian motifs which is reflected on the walls of this stunning room. To create your own spin on this in your own home, you could work some subtle Egyptian art works into the walls or even have a bespoke mirror made just for your home.


Art Deco Home Theater

3. Bright and Modern

As Art Deco is a combination of not only different design styles, but also a combination of different materials. Highly reflective accessories, exotic wood and animal skin, metal and glass all creates drama and a 1920’s feel to this living room. The sophisticated mirror and painting of historical architecture on the other wall brings a vintage feel and classic charm to this Art Deco inspired room.

Try this look with a simple wall light or art deco table lamp, statement furniture and add some decorative trinkets to create a treasure trove of delights for your eyes.


New Vintage Detroit

4. Black and White Art Deco

This black and white space is the perfect picturesque luxurious modern Art Deco room. The use of chrome fixtures and polished materials against the bold patterns truly represents the glitz and glam look of the era.

You could easily create this this look in your own living room or bedroom. Don’t be afraid to put different styles in one area of the room together – For example, the Louis XVI inspired chair in this room complements the contemporary Chinese inspired divider through colour and floral designs. The geometric and rhythmic patterns of the pillows and the rug really pull the room’s clean lines and furniture together.


Art Deco Room

5. Cosy Art Deco Bedroom

Bring a warm and cosy feel to your bedroom through Art Deco, just like this beautiful 1920’s inspired black and gold haven.

The neutral shade on the walls and the pillows, black velvet headboard and black borders of the sheets bring out the classic and grandeur element of the black details on the wall art. The chandelier casts a very flattering sultry glow that perfectly creates a cosy atmosphere. This is ideal for any bedroom especially if you are looking for a subtle Art Deco room but doesn’t leave out drama and elegance. Add some beautifully crafted mirrored furniture to perfectly contrast the cotton silk sheets a create spaciousness.

Black & Gold Residence

6. Elegant Dining

Are you looking an eye-catching dining area that doesn’t look too over the top even once it has been decorated ready for your guests to arrive? Then an Art Deco style dining area is the perfect choice for you. This room is all about stylish touches of the 1920s glam in a more contemporary setting.

You and your guests will be immediately drawn with the symmetrical set-up highlighted by lavish and sleek mirrors, table lamps and accessories. With a dining room like this, you will always be eating and entertaining in style. 

Bayview House
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Seasons like Halloween makes us all excited to decorate our homes and it is also the perfect excuse to channel your inner decorator. Why not try out these stylish treats and make your Halloween as festive and as memorable as possible.

Old World Charm

Balance is everything in interiors especially during the festive times of the year - Your home shouldn’t be screaming the colour orange from floor to ceiling for it exude the Halloween season. If you do admire the colour and want to incorporate it in your Halloween home, the best way to do this is to pick a focal point and accessorize around it. In this case, your walls, and a little texture glams it up just the right way. Those iron lanterns, black lampshades and big, classic chairs in toned earth colours makes your guests feel like they are in an old fashioned mansion.

McCroskey Interiors


Iron it is

Iron is just the right element for your Halloween-inspired interior. It’s heavy, dark, and a perfect contrast to your white candles. Adding some red berries or dark flowers to your lighting or lanterns add a certain charm to your home which borders between spooky and chic.


Fall into Halloween 

If you want your home to be more on the festive side of Halloween but still with a touch of spooky, this eclectic set-up is just the way to go. Bring in the autumn hues that perfectly symbolize Halloween to help with the desired spooky yet stylish look. Check out this gorgeous Mirror Mania Candelabra.

Halloween Haven 2016



Your pumpkins don't have to stay orange for it to say Halloween. Make them modern and chic by painting your pumpkins white or whatever colour your feel will suit your decor. It will look really stylish and your guests will be impressed with your DIY skills.

White Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape


Black and White Decor

A black and white interior gives a classy twist to your Halloween design. You can actually keep this style all year and just give it a little tweak during Halloween by adding accessories like pumpkins and replace the artwork or photographs in your frames with spooky spider or bat art prints. Black and white decor never goes out of style so it will make your annual spooky decorating session much easier.


Halloween Decor

Keep it simple

Achieve that elegant spooky look without going complicated and just being simple with your decorations. Just hang berries and dried flowers on your chandelier or wall lighting. Chandeliers always look elegant and welcoming and will wow your guests with the stylish Halloween theme you’ve been aiming for without too much of the excess. Why not explore the Mirror Mania Chandelier Collection right here.

Grapvine and Berry Garland in the Foyer Chandelier
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Colour Trends



- 'Discover' Colour Scheme: Sharkskin, Riverside, Airy Blue, Lush Meadow, Spicy Mustard, Potter’s Clay  

Discover Colour Scheme

The perfect palette for the perfect season of staying in and enjoying being cosy in the comfort of your own home.

Discover the potential of your living room by using ‘Sharkskin’ with a hint of ‘Riverside’ and ‘Airy Blue’ - Just the right combination to produce a grayish-blue wall which is the perfect canvas to make the colours ‘Lush Meadow’, ‘Spicy Mustard’ and ‘Potter’s Clay’ pop.

Exciting shades of greens, yellow and orange makes a room vibrant yet warm - You won’t want to spend your time indoors in any other room. 

- Earth Colour Scheme: Aurora Red, Warm Taupe, Dusty Cedar, Potter’s Clay 

 Earth Colour Scheme

Warm and cozy couldn’t be easier using this palette in your home. The different shades of reds, taupes, oranges and browns make up the perfect shade of earthen colors to make your home as cozy as it can be. 

- 'Exhibit' Colour Scheme: Spicy Mustard, Bodacious, Warm Taupe 

Exhibit Colour Scheme

Unexpected is the new trend for this season. Autumn and Winter doesn’t have to be defined by the use of darker colors. This palette brings a new perspective to this season. Channel your vibrant and exotic taste by incorporating it in neutral colors to balance the look. 



Miami-Living Room
Lighting is a game changer in any home. To adhere to the season’s mist, add some warm, soft-lighting to any room you want to create a cosy vibe in. A bedside lamp in your bedroom perhaps or some warm accent lighting in your living room and cosy nooks. This is so inviting that it will make any member of your family have the relaxation and warmth they deserve, when they come home from a long day at work.
Mirror Mania's Olivia Ceiling Lighting Collection is perfect for a warm and comfortable yet classic living room. If you love Art Deco we also have some beautiful Ceiling Pendant lighting that  would be perfect in a hallway or living room. Check out these two collections below!
Olivia Ceiling Lighting Collection
Art Deco Pendant Ceiling Lighting

Layering Fabrics

Rustic Sunroom

This is the time of year where you can layer up everything from clothes to home design so go wild and don’t be content with just one or two pillows or blankets, pile them up and bring some extra warmth, comfort and style to your home.

Invite you guests to get cosy when they visit by placing folded blankets on the sofa, maybe add some faux fur over it to add more textures to the layers and create a snug place to relax.

The beginning of Autumn is also the time to switch those summer sheers to heavier drapes and even start weaving more warmer fabrics and colours throughout your home. You could incorporate runners and chair covers and cushions to your dining room and some new plush towels and textured shower curtains to your bathroom.

Make these fabrics not just functional but be aesthetically pleasing to your home - Choose different textures and designs, mix and match, and be engulfed in the warmth it gives you and your family. 

Cosy Reading Nooks


Bowen Island, New Construction

Autumn and Winter will always be associated with keeping warm at home and reading a book with a hot chocolate, so get your reading corner ready with some plush throws and fluffy pillows. If you don’t have a reading corner, find a spot or a neglected corner in your home that you can transform into a cozy reading nook. If you have a bay window, why not turn it into a window seat with lots of cosy pillows or you could even set-up a blanket on the floor or under the stairs.

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We are constantly looking to improve and beautify our homes. After all, it is our home and nothing feels better than having a safe, clean and beautiful house to come home to after a long day at work. Total renovation is a perfect way to achieve what we really want but it can be costly. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through a major renovation to update your home.


Being resourceful is the key to updating your home without the pressure of full redecoration - There are a lot of things you can do that won’t only save your pocket, but also satisfy your burning need for an update.


Your home is the perfect shop for something new

Are you throwing those empty glass jars of yours away or do you just have them stocked in the storage ready to be recycled but never got around to it? Those jars are perfect for turning something old into something new. Just clean them up, remove the labels and these can be perfect lighting accessories to add in your home. You can use them as flower vases, candle holders - Let your creativity take over. You don’t need to limit yourself to repurposing old glass jars, you can use old CDs and turn them into coasters with a little paint, utilize empty wine bottles and old magazine to turn them into something new too.


Lenahan Residence
Decorating with Vignettes
Dreamy Whites


Get creative with fabrics

Never underestimate the power of your curtains, table runners, throw pillows and bed sheets. You don’t have to make any changes in your other furniture and accessories, just completely change the style of fabric and you will feel like you are in a brand new home.

For example, if a room is quite neutral, you could add a pop of colour through your curtains or you could even add a colourful blind alongside the curtains you are already using. Bring through some new home accessories to complement the pop of colour in the new fabrics you have chosen.


Retro Beach House in Alys Beach, Florida


Light it up

Experiment with your choice of lighting. If you have warm lighting right now, having a cooler one will give you an impression that your room is bigger and brighter. Or make a bright room cozy and warm with some dim lighting. You could even create both atmospheres with a big bright ceiling light and add some dimmed down table lighting to your side tables for when you want to relax.


Amanda Modern Crystal Ceiling Light in Polished Chrome Crystal Table Lamp - Amadeus with White Pleated Shade


Bring the outside inside

Plants and flowers are a simple way to liven up your home and leave it smelling lovely and feeling fresh. Buy a large vase and get some fresh flowers each week. You could choose different colours and types each time to keep your room looking a little different. Or you prefer, you could go to the garden centre and choose some potted plants that you can bring inside your home whenever you want to switch things around.

You could even create a beautiful new garden scene in front of your windows so that you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the outdoors from inside your house.


Huniford Design Studio, Getaway to the 2013 Holiday House Hamptons
Park Slope Revival


De-clutter and Rearrange

Take time to tidy your space and get rid of things that no longer serve you and you will be amazed how much space you will gain. Let go of those unnecessary things in your house if you have no use for it or don’t like the style of something in the room anymore. This new space of yours will even give you the space to move your furniture around. It won’t cost you a thing and by giving old possessions away to a charity, the things you once loved can be given a new lease of life in someone else home.


Summer 2013
Carol Vaughan-Davis


Paint over it

It is so simple and is a really effective means of transforming your home without spending a lot. Paint the over your current wallpaper, paint the doors and even your furniture. This is a guaranteed inexpensive way to update to your home.


Annalisa at Mediterra
Contemporary House


Our homes play a huge role in enhancing our mood so if you are not happy with a certain room in your home but don’t want to take on a huge redecoration project why not give one of these ideas a try?

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One of the main reasons that decorating your home with Classic Decor is because it never goes out of style so you can enjoy it year after year. A classic home design is a sure fire way to create grandeur and timeless style in any room in your house.

Highlighting certain areas in your home with classic pieces can turn a plain and monochromatic interior into an interesting one with just a touch of a detail. An ornate mirror, for example, can make your all white wall a perfect canvas to showcase the mirrors full potential.

Parisian Ornate Silver Overmantle Wall Mirror

Parisian Ornate Silver Overmantle Wall Mirror 

Enrico Overmantle Mirror

Enrico Overmantle Mirror 

Nothing screams classicism and elegance than the Polina Crystal Table Lamp base and the black shade brings a modern look that you can match with any modern concept you have in mind or with any existing design you have in your home. ­­­Or, our art deco Newton Crystal Table Lamp brings the age of glamour to your home. It is understated and its ivory shades also make it ideal for your contemporary home.

Polina Crystal Table Lamp

Polina Crystal Table Lamp

Art Deco Newton Crystal Table Lamp

Art Deco Newton Crystal Table Lamp

Here at Mirror Mania, we love to help you make your home interiors a diverse one. Collecting classic pieces like these Globe Bookends or this decorative globe will be there as lovely reminders of the happy memories you had with your travels and will also make great talking points for your guests.

Polished Aluminium Pair Of Globe Bookends

Polished Aluminum Pair Of Globe Bookends

Large Decorative Globe On Nickel Plated Stand

Large Decorative Globe On Nickel Plated Stand 


Ornate details are a huge aspect of a classic décor. Gold, silver and bronze details are perfect for adding an air of glamour and expense to your home. These gorgeous ornate mirrors are the perfect addition to a mantle or chimney breast.

Marco Ornate Swept Framed Mirror Range

Marco Ornate Swept Framed Mirror Range

Nicoli Ornate Swept Framed Full Length Mirror

Nicoli Ornate Swept Framed Full Length Mirror


These two beautiful traditional living rooms are great examples of how you can create a timeless style in your home and mirrors and lighting are a great way to bring through classic elements to an already decorated space that needs an update. Use the links below to explore out class mirror collection and our collection of table lamps that would fit perfectly in any traditionally decorated home.

Classic Mirrors

Table Lighting


Modernist Home Guildford - Contemporary Meets Classic
Trinity Road, Herringbone in Smoked


Why have a plain and simple home when you can decorate it with classic home decors? True, it all boils down to taste and preference, but details will always spark interest in your guests, and an interesting home will never go out of style. 

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Decorating a child’s bedroom is probably one of the most exciting places in the house to decorate as you can let your imagination run wild which is something that we love to do when it comes to creating our glass art and mirrors. In this post let’s take a look at some of the most imaginative trends for decorating children’s bedrooms.

Make the most of the wall space

Utilising wall space seems to be one of the top trends at the moment with magazines and interior design blogs showing off quirky wall art or accent walls featuring stunning imaginative wallpapers. These 2 gorgeous rooms by Interior Designer Ursula of Room to Bloom Interiors for Children.

Room to Bloom Room to Bloom



Secret Hideouts and Nooks

You definitely don’t need to have a huge house to create a secret hideout or nook in a children’s room. A little imagination can go a long way. The two nooks below are so simple and really do not take up much space at all.

There is so much that you could do when creating a reading nook or secret hideout for the kids to play in. A recent piece of glass art that we worked on has sparked so many ideas for creating an awesome space for children to hang out in - See the Imaginative Windows trend below to find out more about the project.


Teddy Edwards Bespoke Children
More Great Spaces



Geometric Design

Geometry is a strong trend in all aspects of interior design at the moment and it sits so perfectly in a kids room. Using bold colours for a feature wall or bringing the trend through in a subtle way through linens, rugs or carpets can really create a stunning impact in a bedroom or even a playroom.


Urban Romantic


Imaginative Windows

This trend is one of our favorites as you can spark imagination from being inside the room or standing outside the house. It’s a real head turner and makes a beautiful artistic addition to the home.

We were recently commissioned to create this gorgeous window for a children’s bedroom window and we are so pleased with how it turned out. We are always open to creating new designs so if you have an idea for a piece of glass work for a children’s room or any other room in the house you can get in touch with us right here --->


Mirror Mania - Childrens Bedrrom Window 


Why not also check out our latest Pinterest board that is packed with décor inspiration for a children’s bedroom. Also, be sure to check out bespoke work and see more of our designs - Click the links below to explore.


Pinterest Inspiration for Childrens Bedroom Decor Mirror Mania Bespoke Glass Art to inpsire your home
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Alexander Waterworth

A stunning interior design company founded by Alexander Evangelou and James Waterworth. Together they ‘make spaces that flourish both functionally and aesthetically’

Working with commercial and residential project Alexander Waterworth have won various awards including The American Hospitality Design Award for their work on the Musket Room in New York. (See below image)

Top Makeover Tip:
“Getting the right tone of paint and ensuring the lighting is considered can absolutely transform a space. The icing on top would be a vintage feature piece. It has to be vintage, not reproduced, you really can tell the difference.” - Standard


The Musket Room Restaurant New York

The Musket Room


House in Masseria Petrarolo, Italy


Get the look with Mirror Mania:

Mirror Mania Candelabra

Large Candelabra

Baltimore Timber Framed Window Mirror

Baltimore Window Mirror


Find out more about Alexander Warerworth at


Rachel Niddrie 

Based in near the City of Winchester in Hampshire, UK, Rachel Niddrie brings elegance to homes and commercial properties throughout the UK and beyond. She was recently featured in the May 2016 issue of Vogue 'Live in Luxury’ with them quoting her work as ‘…warm, eclectic elegance and modern thread, with a balance of style and comfort to reflect her client's personality and lifestyle’

Her most recent projects include a 6 Bedroom Mews House in Belgravia, West London and a 5 Bedroom House in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. (See below)

6 Bedroom Mews House in Belgravia - Rachel Niddrie

6 Bedroom Mews House in Belgravia

Old Church Street - 5 Bed House Interior Design Rachel Niddrie

5 Bed House Old Church Street


Get the look with Mirror Mania:

Vienna Ornate Baroque Cheval Mirror

Vienna Ornate Baroque Cheval Mirror 

Art Deco Crystal Cascade Table Lamp

Art Deco Crystal Cascade Table Lamp

Find out more about Rachel Niddrie at


Shaun Clarkson

London based Interior Designer Shaun Clarkson is well known for his eclectic avant garde interior designs and specializes in interiors for the hospitality industry. He has worked with Absolut, Perrier, Harvey Nichols and London restaurant Del’aziz, not to mention Carrington House and Cliff Barns right here in Norfolk!

His work is always delightfully extravagant and has been catching the attention of the media with features in Vogue, World of Interiors and Elle Decoration throughout his career.

Shaun Clarkson - Absolut Elyx

Absolut Elyx Hunting Lodge

Shaun Clarkson - Absolut Elyx

Absolut Elyx Vittskovle Castle

Get the look with Mirror Mania:

Large Antique Silver Stag Wall Head

Large Antique Silver Stag Wall Head

Inina Crystal Chandelier

Inina Crystal Chandelier

Find out more about Shaun Clarkson at



Award winning interior design practice founded by Chris Dezille in 2001 is nothing short of exceptional. One of our absolute favourite projects that they have done is the triplex apartment with Telford Homes that overlook the River Thames. Every detail in the apartments is impeccably chosen and oozes with luxury. See for yourself below.

Honky - Triplex Penthouse Apartment Honky - Triplex Penthouse Apartment


Get the look with Mirror Mania:

Niobe Gold Crystal Chandelier

Niobe Gold Crystal Chandelier

Monique Crystal Perfume Bottle

Monique Crystal Perfume Bottle



Find out more about Honky at


Melanie Coddington

Melanie is the founder of Coddington Design, based in San Francisco, California which provides full-service interior design to the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. The firm has been featured in Traditional Home, InStyle, House Beautiful and many other publications. This Castro Victorian and beautiful vibrant traditional home reflect the true essence of her work and are equally stunning. (Both pictured below)


Coddington Design - Traditional Bedroom

Vibrant Traditional Bedroom

Coddington Design - Castro Victorian Residence

Castro Victorian Design



Get the look with Mirror Mania:

Sapphire Metal Bronzed Round Wall Mirror

Sapphire Metal Bronzed Round Wall Mirror 

Art Deco Newton Crystal Table Lamp with White Shade

Art Deco Newton Crystal Table Lamp with White Shade

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It is the dream of many women to have a sacred space where they can get ready in the mornings or a place to prepare for an evening out. It is really easy to create a gorgeous space in your home for you make yourself look and feel great, whether you have enough space to set it up in a separate room or in your bedroom.

The 4 key ingredients:

The 4 key items for creating a stunning space for all of your beauty products and make up are:

1. A comfy chair

2. A table with storage

3. A beautiful mirror

4. Perfect lighting

Below are some stunning examples of how you can create your own beauty station with Mirror Mania. 


White and Ivory are the most beautiful combination when it comes to creating a dressing room or beauty station. One of our favourite dressing table options at Mirror Mania is the Tilda Dressing Table in cream. It has 3 ornately carved drawers so there is ample storage for all of your makeup and it also has a gorgeous 3-fold mirror with an elegant. Team the Tilda up with a beautiful table lamp (or a floor lamp if you want more space on the table) and some table decorations you can create the perfect beauty space without having to spend a lot of time setting it up. It couldn’t be easier!


Mirror Mania Beauty Stations 1


Tilda Cream Dressing Table and 3 Fold Mirror Set

Art Deco Crystal Cascade Table Lamp

Large Antique White Stag Wall Head

Colette Oval Crystal Perfume Bottle


Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror ~ Kahlil Gibran



Our second collection is a stunning silver themed which would be perfect styled up in any coloured room. We think these would look amazing with bold bright colours or against a backdrop of chunky striped wallpaper. Our Monique Crystal Perfume Bottle looks gorgeous next to our globe bookends. Can you imagine some of your favourite beauty books sandwiched between this two polished half globes, sitting on your beauty station table next to a couple of crystal bottles with your favourite perfumes inside?


Mirror Mania Beauty Stations 2


Monique Crystal Perfume Bottle

Polished Aluminum Globe Bookends

Art Deco Gatsby Crystal Table Lamp with Grey Shade

Runham Swept Framed Full Length Wall Mirror 

Steffan Venetian Mirror Dressing Table



Here at Mirror Mania, as you will have noticed we have a stunning range of mirrors so we have handpicked some of our mirrors that we think would be perfect in your beauty station to help you find the perfect mirror.

Sabrina Dressing Table Mirror

Sabrina Dressing Table Mirror

Beatrix Gold Ornate Framed Wall Mirror

Beatrix Gold Ornate Framed Wall Mirror

Tobruk Metal Framed Window Wall Mirror

Tobruk Metal Framed Wall Mirror 



Polina Crystal Table Lamp

Polina Crystal Table Lamp

Olivia Crystal Pendant in Antique Brass with Ivory Cream Shade

Olivia Crystal Pendant with Ivory Shade

Astoria Range Art Deco Tiffany Uplighter

Astoria Range Art Deco Tiffany Uplighter



Savino Antiqued Silver Venetian Glass Dressing Table

Savino Silver Glass Dressing Table

Valentino Art Deco Mirror Console Table

Valentino Art Deco Mirror Console Table

Enrico Bevelled Mirror Console Table

Enrico Mirrored Console Table


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The Mirror of Erised:

The Mirror of Erised

Image Credit The Mirror of Erised, WB

The Mirror of Erised is a beautiful ornate mirror featured in the book/movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. It is a beautifully decorated antique golden mirror with a pointed frame and beautiful arched window style mirrors above the main mirror and would not look out of place in a church (or a castle, of course) We can take so much inspiration from this mirror as there are so many features to it. One that stand out for us is the window panels of the mirror. Phillip Orr, our in-house glass and mirror artist has developed 2 beautiful mirrors that show off a similar concept.

Gothic Arches Original Handcrafted Window Mirror

Gothic Arches Original Handcrafted Window Mirror

Levana Original Handcrafted Gothic Window Mirror

Levana Original Handcrafted Gothic Window Mirror


The mirror as described in the book stands on clawed feet which remind us of our own Runham and Dereham mirrors that both feature beautifully ornate frames.


Runham Swept Framed Full Length Wall Mirror

Runham Swept Framed Full Length Wall Mirror

Dereham Swept Framed Wall Mirror

Dereham Swept Framed Wall Mirror


The mirror is etched with the phrase “Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi” which according to JK Rowling means "I show not your face but your heart's desire" (“Erised” backwards is “desire” so let’s use the ornate details of this mirror and this word to inspire your own home and fill it with some magic.

Gabriella Mirrors

Gabriella Heart Shaped Wall Mirror in Ivory, Gold, and Silver



‘The Arnolfini Portrait’ by Jan Van Eyck:

‘The Arnolfini Portrait’ by Jan Van Eyck

The Arnofini Portrait by Jan Van Eyck

Image Credit: Nation Gallery, London

Jan Van Eyck’s 1434 portrait that now hangs in the National Gallery, London is famously known because it depicts the most complex iconography in Western art. The painting features an unusual mirror on the wall behind the couple pictured and cleverly reflects the room back to the viewer.

The round ornate frame of this mirror is encrusted with medallions that depict tiny scenes from the Passion of Christ. The mirror is not overly large but it quite a striking focal point in the room even though there is quite a lot of information held in the image. Hanging a large circular mirror in your living room or bedroom makes for an interesting focus point and creates a sense of space.

The  in the painting grabs the attention of the viewer and draws their eyes upwards to the elegant chandelier hanging above. Why not team up your mirror with one of our gorgeous chandeliers to give you room a real air of luxury. See the chandelier collection right here.

Cicero Metal Framed Wall Mirror

Cicero Metal Framed Wall Mirror

Leola Decorative Framed Round Mirror Antiqued

Leola Decorative Framed Round Mirror

Sapphire Metal Bronzed Round Wall Mirror

Sapphire Bronzed Round Wall Mirror



Alice’s Looking Glass:

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Image Credit: Sir John Tennial

Of course, the mirror from C.S Lewis’ famous book ‘Alice in Wonderland through the Looking Glass’ has to be added to this list. The mirror that sits over the mantelpiece becomes magical and allows Alice to step through it and on journey to Wonderland. While the mirrors here at Mirror Mania do not have magical properties they definitely do look magical.

We have a beautiful range of over mantle mirrors including some that would not look displaced in the 2016 Alice through the Looking Glass movie featuring Johnny Depp. The Lucia is such a stunning Rococo mirror that comes in gold and silver and would look beautiful in a hallway or bedroom as well as over the mantle in your living room.

Alice Through The Looking Glass Poster

Image Credit: Disney

Lucia Rococo Gold Overmantle Wall Mirror

Lucia Rococo Gold Overmantle Mirror


Magic Mirror by M. C. Escher, 1946:

Magic Mirror by MC Escher 

Image credit: M.C Escher


This famous lithograph print by Maurits Cornelis Escher depicts a frameless mirror standing up on wooden supports. We have a beautiful collection of freestanding mirrors here at Mirror Mania including the two ornate mirrors above. If you like the idea of a frameless mirror, there are also plenty of options from our handmade collection. The Emile Wall Mirror (below left) gives the illusion of the mirror sitting on a stand of 5 mirrored sections of coloured glass that can be finished in a selection of colours. Check out the rest of the frameless collection right here.

Emile Wall Mirror

Emile Wall Mirror

Buckingham Beveled Wall Mirror

Buckingham Beveled Wall Mirror


Mirrors and surrealism are often go hand in hand in art so it is not surprising that our in-house artist created this interesting spin on the face of this piece of mirrored art. Let us know if you can see it in the comments!

What do You See? Original Handcrafted Illusion Wall Art


What do You See? Original Handcrafted Illusion Wall Art


The Mirror on the Wall:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Image Credit: Disney


This one is probably one of the most famous (and fairest) mirrors of them all. It is of course the oval mirror owned by the evil Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The Talbot and the Clara Mirror are a perfect match for the mirror in the famous Disney Movie.


Talbot Oval Wall Mirror

Talbot Oval Wall Mirror

Clara Oval Wall Mirror

Clara Oval Wall Mirror


 More recently in Snow White and the Huntsman, a notable frameless round mirror makes an appearance. We have a large collection of Frameless mirrors which are suitable for any room in your house. See the collection right here.

An extra bonus of a frameless mirror is that it is super easy to clean! Be sure to check out our DIY Cleaning Tips for keeping your mirrors looking spotless here.

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For this blog post, we wanted to show you some of our favourite interior design quotes to give you some inspiration for decorating your home.

Life should be chic glamourous and colorful - and so should your home


You use a glass mirror to see your face - you use works of art to see your soul


A room should start a conversation before people actually start exchanging words


Interior design embodies how your world makes you feel wonderful everyday


An interior is the natural projection of the soul


Punches of color keep a room feeling youthful and engaging


Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or beautiful


DesIgn must seduce shape and perhaps more importantly envoke an emotional response


Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication


Light is the magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space - It's one of the most important elements in all my interiors


All products used in the background of these quotes can be found at Mirror Mania - just use the above menu to navigate our shop of beautiful Mirrors, Lighting, and unusual home accessories.

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Statement Bathroom Mirrors

06/05/2016 14:14

Just because the bathroom is likely to be one of the smallest rooms in your house doesn’t mean that it has to be any less beautifully decorated than any of the other rooms in your house.

The best way to make a room look bigger is by adding a mirror to reflect light, and as a mirror is a must have in the bathroom you can really open up the available space.


Interior Design is making the bets possible use of the available space


Things to consider when choosing a mirror for your bathroom:


Style: What is the theme of your bathroom? Whatever style you choose you want to select a mirror that really compliments it.

Size: How much space do you have on the wall above the sink? Remember selecting a mirror that is too small from your space will not make the impact you want it to make. On the other hand, a mirror that is too large for the wall space will make the room feel overcrowded. Decide if there will be anything else on the wall next to where you want to place the mirror such as lighting or a wall cabinet.

Shape: The shape of the mirror in your bathroom could be dictated by the style that you choose to go with. For example, if you want to create a more traditional bathroom you might select a rectangle mirror with an ornate golden frame to compliment the ornate trims on the towel rail and toilet roll holder.

Colour: The colour of your mirror is important in your bathroom especially if you have a small room that you want to feel spacious. If you already have a neutral coloured bathroom select something colourful to create an impact or if your bathroom has coloured tiles or walls you may want to opt for a more neutral toned mirror – a mosaic mirror or multifaceted mirror would really create a statement in your bathroom.

Ease of cleaning: Bathroom mirrors go through a tough a time with water marks, soap scum and steam clouding up the glass so choosing a mirror that is easy to clean is key to a happy bathroom. (Make sure you check out our blog on how to keep you mirrors spotless and smelling gorgeous right here)


Making a statement in your bathroom is easy when you choose the right mirror for your space so let’s dive into some of the options that we have available at Mirror Mania. 


Round Mirrors:


Aqua Splash Mirror Sicily Mirror Orion Mirror

Rectangle Mirrors:

Neptune Mirror Pompeii Mirror Elegance Silver Mirror


Frameless Mirrors:

Vision Mirror - Fire Red Felicity Mirror Vogue Mirror - Deep Blue


Artistic Mirrors:

Ascot Mirrors Vortex Mirror - Blue Hermes Mirror


At Mirror Mania, we absolutely love Art Deco and a lot of our designs are inspired by this glamourous era. Here are some of our latest commissions for Art Deco bathroom mirrors.

Chanel Mirror Juliet Mirror
Toulouse Mirror Mayfair Mirror


Another way to make an impact in your bathroom is by teaming your mirror next to some beautiful lighting or by adding a chandelier. Use the image links below to explore our collections. 


View our wall lighting collection View our chandelier collection


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History of Art Deco

First appearing in France in prior to World War I, Arts Décoratifs, Art Deco for short bloomed only after the war was over and flourished into the 1920s 30s and 40s embracing various styles including Cubism, Constructivism, Neoclassical, Modernism, and Futurism.


As manufacturing was revolutionising the design landscape, the style was a celebration of this boom in technology - designers had the opportunity to make designs that were completely unique with no influence of the past.

Art Deco influenced not only home décor and art but fashion, photography, and architecture just to name a few.


The Chrysler Building detail, New York by Carol M Highsmith

The Chrysler Building detail, New York by Carol M Highsmith


Art Goût Beauté Molyneux Fashion Magazine


Key Features for Decorating with Art Deco 

  • Sleek
  • Angular/Geometric shapes
  • Curved Lines
  • Bold Colours
  • Stylised artwork
  • Uncluttered
  • Dazzling features such glass, chrome, and mirrors


Decorating with Art Deco

It is relatively easy to achieve an art deco look in your home seeing as making a statement was one of the keys to this style of Décor, it could just be a case of adding a key piece of statement furniture or lighting.

When decorating a room with an art deco theme a great way to do it is to choose a part of the room that will make a statement such as a mirror or a particular wall then build the room around your statement focal point.



To bring through a really bold art deco statement to your home, choose a feature wall that will be the focus point of your room such as the chimney breast or back wall of a home office then cover this with a gorgeous geometric wallpaper. Some of our favourites include Demi by Harlequin and designs by Spiral by Erica Wakerley.


Harlequin - Arkona Wallpaper

Arkona Wallpaper by Harlequin

Spiral Wallpaper by Erica Wakerly

Spiral Wallpaper by Erica Wakerly




As you may have noticed Mirror Mania is heavily influenced by Art Deco and our collection holds the key to creating a statement in your art deco inspired room. It is easy to make a statement in a room with a piece of art and nothing reflects that artistic statement more than a mirror.

To make the process of creating an art deco space easier, all of our exclusive mirrors can be made to order so that they sit perfectly within your chosen colour scheme. We would love to talk about your new decorating project and see how we can help bring that perfect art deco to your home.


Biba Original Handcrafted Art Deco Mirror

Biba Original Handcrafted Art Deco Mirror in various colours


 Babushka Art Deco Mirrors

Babushka Original Handcrafted Art Deco Fan Mirror


Furniture and Lighting


Art Deco furniture really contributes to a minimal, unclutter room where one piece of furniture is enough to make that 1930s impact in your home. Furniture that runs in clean sharp lines can help elongate a small room or hallway and still bring in the style of the era without cluttering the space with furniture.

Make an Art Deco statement with a piece of mirrored furniture that really says it all or infuse the room with light from a geometric lamp.


Art Deco Furniture


1. Valentino Art Deco Mirror Console Table

2. Claudia Art Deco Mirror Console Table


Art Deco Crystal Cascade Table Lamp

Art Deco Crystal Cascade Table Lamp

Balfour Art Deco Wall Light

Balfour Art Deco Wall Light




Mirror Mania Furniture Collection Mirror Mania Lighting Collection
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Inspiring Minimal Home Decor

11/04/2016 15:07

Minimalism has become a huge trend in Home Decor in recent years and the trend has progressed into so many different areas including fashion, art and lifestyle. Studies on how the brain reacts to symmetry show a very positive reaction so it is no wonder that the minimal trend continues to grow!

So, What is Minimal Home Decor?

It is easy to see where the inspiration for minimal home decor came from when looking back at the minimalist art movement which emerged in the 1960s. Sleek expressionless, geometric sculptures by artists such as Robert Morris who created large L-shaped sculptures and Tony Smith who designed the iconic ‘Smoke’ sculpture.

Minimalist home decor in short form means ‘less is more.’ Interior Designers create simple, symmetrical rooms that use space very wisely so not to overwhelm a room with too many pieces of furniture. Each item is the is carefully chosen to fit neatly alongside other decorations.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" ~ Leonardo da Vinci


Minimalisti - Minimalist home designs 2015 – the trend in living room interiors

Vogue Mirror


What are the most important elements of minimal decor?

Functional style and a clever way of utilising space are key to creating a minimal home. Here are some of the most important elements to keep in mind when creating a minimalist space.

Light: Plenty of light is a must in a minimal setting. Keeping windows free of clutter and use floor and table lamps to create balance.

Space: Minimal decor always leaves room for open spaces whether that be a bare wall or an area of  floor space kept free of furnishings.

Complimentary hues: Stay within colour groups.

Symmetry: Use to symmetry to create balance.

Clutter free: Having great storage is a must in a minimal room or home. Having clutter everywhere defeats the objective of a having clean, pure aesthetic.


Spectrum Mirror Vivienne Mirror


Use Focal Points:

When you are creating a minimalist room a great way to get started is deciding on a focal point to build the rest of the decor around. 

Hallway: Console table or closed shoe rack.

Living Room: Overmantle Mirror/Artwork.

Bedroom: The bed or floor lighting.

Kitchen: The window.

Bathroom: Mirror/sink. 

Utilise any built-in features such as the fireplace or built-in shelving and use it as your focus for creating symmetry through the rest of the room. If your focal point is a window you could also take your minimal look out into the garden!


Deceits - Neutral backdrop Abigail Mirror


Minimal Decor trends:

  • Geometric - This could be a geometric wallpaper, a lamp, a mirror or even used as a way of creating a room layout.
  • Monochrome Decor - White walls and black and grey furniture are a huge minimalist look.
  • Mixed Fabrics - Layering different fabrics of similar hues creates gorgeous textures and warmth. 
  • Glass - Floor to ceiling windows and glass wall art.
  • Grouped Accessories - Bringing complimentary accessories together rather than dotting them around the room clears space and creates an interesting focal point.


4 inspirational Minimal Home Decor Blogs we love:

1. The Cozy Minimalist

2. Minimal Home

3. Minimalism is Simple

4. Minimalisti


Why not come and join us on Pinterest for more Minimal Home Decor Inspiration?

You can find our minimal home decor boards below.

Minimal Kitchen Decor

Minimal Bedroom Decor

Minimal Bathroom Decor

Minimal Lounge Decor

Minimal Work Space Decor

Minimal Dining Room Decor


Mirror Mania Pinterest

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Mood Altering Lighting

07/03/2016 21:18

Lighting is key to creating different atmospheres in your home. Your kitchen needs to be functional, bright and airy whereas the living room and bedroom lighting should be set to make you feel relaxed.

Mirror Mania has plenty of lighting options to alter the mood in any room. Here are some of our favourites...


Art Deco Lighting

Everyone has seen The Great Gatsby and likely be in awe of the décor of the 1920s so it is no wonder that we see Art Deco weaving it’s way through our homes in the form of geometric wallpapers, furniture, mirrors, wall art and lighting.

Of course, these days our homes are much more toned down in terms of decoration but we still see art deco creeping into the minimal décor of modern homes in a bold way - often as lighting and mirrors. 

Our extravagantly decorated ceiling lighting with bold, clean lines in gold or silver create beautiful focal points in hallways, dining rooms and living rooms. Bring an air of the Roaring Twenties to your bedroom with stunning crystal table lamps and glass shaded light fittings.

Here at Mirror Mania, the Art Deco period has a big influence on our work so we have a lot of options for creating a Gatsby inspired home, from handmade mirrors and glass wall art to lighting and furniture.

Mirror Mania Art Deco Lighting Collection


1. Manhattan Range Ceiling Pendant

2. Gladstone Art Deco Short Ceiling Pendant

3. Astoria Range Art Deco Tiffany Ceiling Light

4. Art Deco Gatsby Crystal Table Lamp with Grey Shade

5. Art Deco Newton Crystal Table Lamp with Teal Shade

6. Lloyd Art Deco Wall Light

7. Fargo Range Wall Light Shade


Romantic Lighting

Romantic lighting probably makes you think of dimly lit rooms full of candles but if you are looking for a more modern romantic and luxurious look of permanence in your home, why not add some pattern, sparkle, sheer or antique style to your home.

Deck your room with crystals, Chandeliers, sheer fabrics shades, hand painted nouveau and timeless decadence with Mirror Mania’s Collection of Table Lamps, wall lighting and ceiling lights.

The Olivia Range of table lamps and ceiling lighting with drops of crystal pendants and gauze fabrics create a gorgeous soft, warm ambiance in a dining room or all way.

Our delicate Kutani Porcelain lighting range with oyster silk shades will give your room a stunningly seductive glow. Each piece is hand thrown and elegantly painted to depict artistic stories of nature, which will complement a living room or bedroom perfectly either against a plain wall or a backdrop for pattern wallpaper.

 Mirror Mania Romantic Lighting Collection


1. Baker Beckett Table Lamp with Oyster Silk Shade

2. Amanda Modern Crystal Ceiling Light in Polished Chrome

3. Torre Crystal Wall Light

4. Baby Exotic Table Lamp with Oyster Silk Shade

5. Olivia Crystal Table Lamp in Polished Chrome with Black Shade

6. Art Deco Crystal Cascade Table Lamp

7. Damselfly Art Deco Table Lamp


Tiffany Lighting

The Art Nouveau movement, although short lived still has a lasting influence on interior design today by combining baroque with modern interior features creates an intriguing contemporary style. Tiffany lighting complements the rooms setting with a sense of Art Nouveau antique elegance. 

Each piece is made from stained cut glass that is mixed with colours whilst it is molten to create different textures and variations of colour, meaning that each lamp is totally unique.

The originality of Tiffany lighting gives a room a sophisticated and expensive feel, not to mention the gorgeous colours it brings to the room 

The craftsmanship and colour of Tiffany lighting are enough to bring any of area of your home back to life. Create a reading nook or light up your living room with dimly lit uplighting.

Add a touch of whimsical design to a modern home with the natural feminine forms and colours of Tiffany style lighting from Mirror Mania. Here are some of our favourite Tiffany pieces:

Mirror Mania Tiffany Lighting Collection


1. Ruban Range Art Nouveau Tiffany Ceiling Pendant

2. Metropolitan Range Art Deco Tiffany Table Lamp

3. Eden Art Deco Pendant Ceiling Light

4. Ruban Range Art Nouveau Tiffany Table Lamp

5. Dauphine Range Art Nouveau Tiffany Table Lamp

6. Anderson Tiffany Floor Lamp

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On Valentines Day, it can be hard to find a gift that your partner is really not expecting, so to make gift giving easier for you this year, we have handpicked some stylish pieces from the Mirror Mania collection. We have a showroom full of unusual ideas to gift your valentine this February from striking mirrors to perfume bottles and lighting. 

Give them your heart

What better way to show someone your love than with a heart shaped mirror? The Gabriella would make a beautiful addition to any room and comes in 3 shades - Ivory, Gold and Silver. This mirror would add a touch of luxury to a dressing table where your partner gets ready each day and can create a true vintage feel in the bedroom. 

Gabriella Heart Shaped Wall Mirror Ivory

Gabriella Heart Shaped Wall Mirror in Ivory

Gabriella Heart Shaped Wall Mirror Gold

Gabriella Heart Shaped Wall Mirror in Gold

Gabriella Heart Shaped Wall Mirror Silver

Gabriella Heart Shaped Wall Mirror in Silver

The Gift of Roses

Another valentines gift that comes to mind is roses. Why not gift flowers that will never perish with a stunning decorative mirror framed with blooming roses in silver or cream. These mirrors are so detailed that they would be the perfect focal point above a fireplace or a shabby chic set of drawers or dresser. You can dress it up even further with a beautiful bright bouquet of flowers.

Silver Hearts Wall Mirror in Silver

Silver Hearts Wall Mirror in Silver

Heart Shaped Rose Framed Mirror in Cream

Heart Shaped Rose Framed Mirror in Cream


Beautiful Scents

Instead of shopping for the standard valentines gift of perfume, why not get a crystal cut perfume bottle to go with their favourite scent? A perfumes bottle is something that can be cherished for years to come and each bottle comes packed in a gift box so you will have one less thing to worry about when preparing for valentines day!

 Mirror Mania Valentine Gifts - Crystal Perfume Bottles

1. ‘Simone’ Crystal Perfume Bottle

2. ‘Maurine’ Cut Crystal Round Perfume Bottle

3. ‘Corine’ Crystal Perfume Bottle with Clear Jewels

4. ‘Monique’ Crystal Perfume Bottle

5. ‘Mercy’ Bell Cut Crystal Perfume Bottle

6. ‘Colette’ Oval Crystal Perfume Bottle with Clear Jewels

7. ‘Renee’ Crystal Perfume Bottle

8. ‘Celine’ Crystal Perfume Bottle

Set the mood with Romantic Lighting 

Lamps and shades are not just about functionality, there can create mood altering atmospheres. Why not create an beautiful ambience in the home you share with your partner with something that you can both enjoy on cosy evenings at home together. 

These vintage Oyster Silk table lamps finished with real gold offer the opportunity to create beautiful setting in your home with hand thrown porcelain and romantic silk shades.

Baby Lily with Oyster Silk Shade Table Lamp

Baby Lily with Oyster Silk Shade Table Lamp

Bird of Paradise Large with Oyster Silk Shade Table Lamp

Bird of Paradise Large with Oyster Silk Shade Table Lamp

Baby Exotic with Oyster Silk Shade Table Lamp

Baby Exotic with Oyster Silk Shade Table Lamp


Create an amorous setting during dinner with beautiful refracted lighting from a Crystal Chandelier suspending above the table or switch to candle wall lighting for an understated look.

Fiore Black Chrome Crystal Chandelier

Fiore Black Chrome Crystal Chandelier

Kyra Contemporary Crystal Chandelier Double Wall Light

Kyra Contemporary Crystal Chandelier

Elise Crystal Chandelier

Elise Crystal Chandelier


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Posted By Gemma Kimpton

The moody shade of Grey is the perfect canvas for any room in your home this winter and it just so happens to be one of the favourite trends for 2016. One of our favourite ways of decorating with this colour is by layering greys upon grey. Layering grey textures and patterns creates a modern sophisticated look in your living room, bedroom or study. We have teamed our 'Sion' and 'Helios' Mirrors with this horizontally striped wallpaper, which compliments the smooth lines of the mirrors.


Sion Handmade Modern Bevelled Wall Mirror

Sion Handmade Modern Bevelled Wall Mirror

Helios Handmade Bevelled Wall Mirror

Helios Handmade Bevelled Wall Mirror

Creating a sophisticated look in your home is so easy with the right furnishings.

Another huge trend at the moment is the industrial “warehouse” look, which we think is a great companion for grey interior design. Teaming these two trends up is a great way to contrast exposed brickwork and pipes with luxurious furnishings. The 'Hades' Mirror and its gun mental grey, snake skin effect frame against painted brickwork and grey and silver furniture and accessories is the perfect example of merging this two trends.


Hades Modern Gun Metal Grey Framed Wall Mirror

Hades Modern Gun Metal Grey Framed Wall Mirror

Injecting pops of colour into your room brings energy and grabs attention. Partnering grey up with a bright colour creates a refined homely atmosphere. We love to team our mirrors up with patterned wallpapers. Our 'Zeus' Mirror (below) looks stunning against this grey and orange red backdrop teamed with coordinated cushions and accessories. The 'Buckingham' Mirror also sits perfectly with this grey stitched effect wallpaper and orange and cream furnishings.


Zeus Handmade Modern Bevelled Tray Mirror

Zeus Handmade Modern Bevelled Tray Mirror

Buckingham Bevelled Wall Mirror

Buckingham Bevelled Wall Mirror


Minimalism is such a huge trend in Interior Design and likely will be for many years to come. Our in house team of mirror designers love to work smooth clean lines into our mirrors which makes them the perfect addition for a minimally decorated room that demands a dose of grey this winter.


Matrix Original Handcrafted Modern Artistic Wall Mirror

Matrix Original Handcrafted Modern Artistic Wall Mirror

Modena Original Handcrafted Grey Tinted Modern Wall Mirror

Modena Original Handcrafted Grey Tinted Modern Wall Mirror


Accessorising is another great way to pull the grey trend into your home. Grey literally goes with any colour so this really is something that you do without too much effort. You can either be really eclectic or just choose a few key pieces to complement your existing room décor. We have put a few collections together from the Mirror Mania range to help inspire you and inject some elegance and style into your home.


Mirror Mania Grey Interior Accessories 2

1. Bull Aluminium Wall Hanging - Find out more here.

2. 'Vogue' Original Handcrafted Coloured Glass Range of Mirrors in Smokey Grey - Find out more here.

3. Extra Large Narrow Aluminium Candelabra - Find out more here.

4. Skeleton Silver Metal Wall Clock - Find out more here.

5. 'Steffan' Venetian Mirror 3 Drawer Side Table - Find out more here.

6. 'Margot' Antiqued Silver Leaf Dressing Table Stool - Find out more here.

7. 'Steffan' Venetian Mirror Dressing Table - Find out more here.


Mirror Mania Grey Interior Accessories 1

1. 'Zeus' Handmade Modern Bevelled Tray Mirror with Grey Tinted Mirrored Border - Find out more here.

2. Original Art 'Ice Moon' by our head mirror artist, Phillip Orr - Find out more here.

3. Polished Aluminium Pair Of Globe Bookends - Find out more here.

4. Gothic Large Silver French Style Wall Clock - Find out more here.

5. 'Monty' Tripod Spot Light Floor Lamp - Find out more here.

6. Aluminium Sailing Boat On Stand - Find out more here.

7. Martina Mirrored Console Table - Find out more here


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Posted By Gemma Kimpton

This season we can seen Statements Chairs, Vintage Cartography, blue and grey tones alongside nature inspired and handcrafted art and home ware being put into the spotlight.. At Mirror Mania we are singing along to the winter blues with some beautiful mirrors in Royal and Ocean Blues. We are bringing you some on trend grey mirrors, vintage style accessories and furniture as well as some nature inspired glass art.

Blue Hues

Bond inky indigo colours teamed up with patterned textiles, gothic floral wallpapers and brass or silver accessories will really pull your room together with lots of winter warmth.  The Warwick and Vogue mirrors (below) can really add that stunning pop of blue that you your room needs. 

Vogue Original Handcrafted Mirror in Ocean Blue

Vogue Original Handcrafted Mirror in Ocean Blue

This mirror is also available in grey - another great trend this winter.

Other colours include white, Lavendar, Deep Maroon & Jet Black.

Warwick Handcrafted Swept Framed Mirror in Royal Blue

Warwick Handcrafted Swept Framed Mirror in Royal Blue

This mirror is also available in Antique Silver which sits

perfectly in the grey trend for this season.

Grey Tones

Grey pretty much goes with everything as using grey as a blank canvas for your room means that you can bring in some other beautiful seasonal colours such as midnight blues, blush pinks and copper shades.

Hades Modern Gun Metal Grey Framed Wall Mirror

Hades Modern Gun Metal Grey Framed Wall Mirror

Neptune Modern Handmade Bevelled Wall Mirror with Tinted Glass

Neptune Modern Handmade Bevelled Wall Mirror with Tinted Glass


Metallic accessories definitely win you trend points this season. Small copper, bronze and gold accents against grey walls are our winter favourite. We have a beautiful collection of gold-framed mirrors, metal décor and eclectic accessories here at Mirror Mania. Why not add some eccentricity to your room with some luxe metallic accessories such as this metal Wall Clock or the ‘Hannah’ Tripod Floor Lamp.

Hague Metal Wall Clock

Hague Metal Wall Clock

Hannah Tripod Spot Light Floor Lamp

Hannah Tripod Spot Light Floor Lamp


 Vintage Wonderlust

This winter sees vintage distressed wood featured in furniture and wall art. A classic wonderlust theme also weaves its way into the winter with vintage globes, suitcases, and maps. Beautiful cartographic home décor is another favourite of ours.  Our collection of travel inspired accessories and French vintage style dressing tables, stools, Antiqued Chests of Drawers and Cabinets fall perfectly into this trend. 

Large Decorative Globe On Nickel Plated Stand

Large Decorative Globe On Nickel Plated Stand

Polished Aluminium Pair Of Globe Bookends

Polished Aluminium Pair Of Globe Bookends


Lucile- Antique Gold French Chest of Drawers

Lucile - Antique Gold French Chest of Drawers

Caresse - Small White French Style Chest of Drawers

Caresse- Small White French Style Chest of Drawers

Margot - Antiqued Silver Leaf Dressing Table Stool

Margot - Antiqued Silver Leaf Dressing Table Stool

Tilda- Cream Dressing Table and 3 Fold Mirror Set

Tilda- Cream Dressing Table and 3 Fold Mirror Set


Nature Inspired

This season we also see botany take centre stage with beautiful woodland greens and nature inspired art.  Phillip Orr, our head mirror and glass artist here at Mirror Mania can design and make you a nature themed mirror or glass artwork to your requirements. Some of the subjects popular in this season nature trend are botanical art, printed and embroidered textiles, dark floral wallpapers and rugs. 

We also have our own exclusive range which can also be tailored to your requirements, which means you get to add something totally unique to your home. Here are a few examples of our nature inspired glass works in our collection.

Autumn Original Artistic Wall Mirror from British

'Autumn' Original Artistic Wall Mirror

Original Art Awakening

'Awakening' Original Art


Statement Chairs 

It is no secret that many of us like to impress friends and family when they come to visit our homes.  Adding something a simple as a chair can either bring the whole room together or can be a stand alone statement piece of furniture. Make a huge statement by adding something bold and functional to your home with this eye catching mosaic chair.

Hannah - Mosaic Chair

Hannah - Mosaic Chair

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Posted By Gemma Kimpton

As of today, it is just 35 days until Christmas! Have you started shopping yet? If not do not despair as we have put together this handy gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones. From Crystal Perfumes Bottles and Furniture to wall art and unusual home accessories, we have a huge selection of stocking fillers and unexpected gifts that will delight your family and friends, and make this Christmas one that will not be forgotten!


Gifts for her:

At Mirror Mania we have a beautiful range of Perfume Bottles and Crystal Ornaments that are the perfect addition to a dressing table. Create the perfect beauty station for your partner or add a little bit of sparkle to your mothers, sisters or aunts home with a beautiful table decoration to be cherished for many Christmases to come.


Oval Clear Crystal Perfume Bottle

Colette - Oval Crystal Perfume Bottle with Clear Jewels

Clear Glass Heart With Bubbles Table Decoration / Paperweight

Clear Glass Heart With Bubbles Table Decoration

Dereham Swept Framed Wall Mirror

Dereham Swept Framed Wall Mirror

Cleopatra Leaning Wall Mirror

Cleopatra Leaning Wall Mirror


Gifts for him:

This year instead of buying the man who has everything a pack of socks why not break the habit and take the less trodden route to invest in something a little bit different? Table Decorations for the man den and artwork for the office are the prefect way to express your love. 


Aluminium Sailing Boat On Stand

Aluminium Sailing Boat On Stand

Bull Aluminium Wall Hanging

Bull Aluminium Wall Hanging

Percival Leather Framed Wall Mirror

Percival Leather Framed Wall Mirror

Aluminium Pair Of Globe Bookends

Aluminium Pair Of Globe Bookends


Gifts for the awkward ones:

Buying a gift for someone who is hard to buy for is usually because they have everything they want already! No more umming and ahhing, lets find something that they would never buy for themselves. Our range of Crystal Perfume Bottles, ornaments and unusual accessories are so unusual that they certainly would not be an expected gift!

Large White Horse Head Statue

Large White Horse Head Statue


Classic Glass Ball / Paperweight 

Classic Glass Ball / Paperweight


Silver Mosaic Wall Hanging

Silver Mosaic Wall Hanging


Alanza Antique Gold Bird Cage Crystal Chandelier

Alanza Antique Gold Bird Cage Crystal Chandelier


Gifts for the home:

How about something wonderfully elaborate for the home such as a wall sculpture, or a breath-taking table lamp. Our lighting and home accessories complement the artistic and modern style mirrors we create here in our Norfolk workshop so we are sure you will find something for the home in our extensive range.

Hannah Tripod Spot Light Floor Lamp

Hannah Tripod Spot Light Floor Lamp

Metropolitan Range Art Deco Tiffany Table Lamp

Metropolitan Range Art Deco Tiffany Table Lamp

Bernadette Decorative Wall Mirror

Bernadette Decorative Wall Mirror

Veronica Venetian Wall Mirror

Veronica Venetian Wall Mirror


Gifts for the Animal Lover:

Gifts for animals lovers are difficult to find as they often end up being for a pet and rather than the person you actually buying a gift for or you may end up buying something novelty which is fun but will not always create the statement we want to give on Christmas day. We have a lovely range of horse inspired Home Décor such as wall art, statues and book ends. Our animal sculptures range from skulls to stags, with our best selling being the Christmas Mosaic Deers.

Bright White Horse Head Wall Mount

Bright White Horse Head Wall Mount

Antique Silver Stag Wall Head

Antique Silver Stag Wall Head

White & Gold Moscaic Sitting Deer

White & Gold Mosaic Sitting Deer

Golden Mosaic Sitting Deer Figure

Golden Mosaic Sitting Deer Figure


 Gifts from our Sale:

We are currently restocking our showroom so there are some fantastic savings to make on our stunning mirrors, from ornate framed, Venetian inspired mirrors to frameless and rustic leather mirrors. Our sale has a little bit of everything to help you create an impact with your gift giving.


Victoria Venetian Wall Mirror

Victoria Venetian Wall Mirror

Runham Swept Framed Full Length Wall Mirror

Runham Swept Framed Full Length Wall Mirror

Frankie Frameless Decorative Wall Mirror

Frankie Frameless Decorative Wall Mirror

Kenya Metal Gold Framed Wall Mirror

Kenya Metal Gold Framed Wall Mirror


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Posted By Gemma Kimpton

The spooky time of year is upon us and it's time to create a mysterious atmosphere in our homes.

Here are our favourite Halloween Home Décor ideas that you can recreate with Mirror Mania in time for the most sinister month of the year.

1. Eerie Framed Wall 

A black, patterned wallpaper, teamed with ornate mirrors in various shapes and sizes to create a haunted hallway or chimney breast in your living room or dining room is spookily simple. The Warwick Handcrafted Swept Framed Mirror in Royal Blue, the Silver Sandringham, Black Beatrix and Adele Ornate Framed Wall Mirrors make a perfect combination for an eerie gothic themed home all year round.

Left Image Source: The absolute Photography Blog

2.  Pumpkin Painting and Table Decorations

What represents Halloween better than a pumpkin? One of our favourite ideas for decorating your dining table over the Halloween period is painted pumpkins, teamed with glass potion inspired ornaments, flowers and candles. We love the idea of black painted pumpkins next to beautiful candelabras and these beautiful glass bottles with dried wild flowers dotted around the table.

Left Image Source:

3.  Spooky Candles and Skulls

Create a corner of mystery with a cluster of candles and spooky accessories. We love this candle and skull table decoration by Gypsy Warrior. Teaming this idea up with dark décor and this Polished, Copper Plated Rams Head, makes a great alternative to using a real skull in your home décor. The Rams Head also makes a great addition to a mantle or desk.

Left Image Source:

4.  Ominus Lighting

Warm up your home and make an impact with the dimmed lighting of a Chandelier. The Elise Crystal Chandelier and the Alanza Large Antique Gold Bird Cage Crystal Chandelier create an aura of alarming extravagance in hallways, living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms.

Left Image Source: Opéra Garnier, Paris by Maelo Paris

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Posted By Christine Orr

Small Business Sunday is a social media event which happens every Sunday from 17:00-19:30 on Twitter. The event is hosted by Theo Paphitis who is the Chairman of Ryman Stationery, Owner of Boux Avenue, Red Letter Days and Robert Dyas, and more famously known for his appearance on the BBC 2 series Dragons Den. 

Each Sunday, businesses from all over the country send a Tweet explaining what their business is all about alongside the SBS hashtag. The following day at 8pm Theo tweets to his 488,000+ followers to announce which businesses he has chosen as the 6 SBS winners. 

The rules of entry as are as follows:

- Follow @TheoPaphitis and @RymanStationery on Twitter.

- Tweet about your business in 140 characters or less, directed to @TheoPaphitis, adding the hashtag #SBS.

- Tweet on a Sunday between 5.00-7.30 PM.

- Just tweet once in each weekly time slot. 

We will admit the tweet took us about 20 minutes to craft, as it was so hard to explain everything we offer at Mirror Mania in just 140 characters! Here is our winning tweet… 



We have entered SBS twice, once the prior week and on the winning week. We used the same tweet on both entries and are so happy that Theo spotted us on our second try. 

On Monday 5th October 2015 just after 8pm our twitter account went wild with messages of congratulations from other SBS winners and businesses from all over the United Kingdom, after the following tweet… 



We are absolutely thrilled to have been chosen alongside 5 other brilliant businesses and the support we have received has been fantastic.

Thank you Theo for choosing us, we are looking forward to joining SBS Family and what the future will bring for Mirror Mania

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Posted By Mirror Mania

Are you struggling to get your mirrors looking spotless or perhaps you would like to try an environmentally friendlier, healthier and natural way to clean your mirrors?

Try out our top DIY tips for making the most of your mirrors the Eco Friendly and Natural way.


Forget those mirror-cleaning myths; Newspaper was once a favorite for buffing your mirrors and glass but the inks used to print Newspapers often leave a residue behind as well as leaving newsprint over all your hands. Also paper towels may leave little flakes of lint on the surface of your glass and mirrors.

Top tip: Buy a flat lint free cloth and use it only for finishing off your mirrors as well as a glass squeegee. Using a squeegee will save you money in addition to lowering the amount of cloths you throw away, as you can use it time and time again.


Soap Scum:

Hard water and soapy build up on your bathroom mirror or shower screen can be difficult to remove and very time consuming, so what is the easiest and fastest way to remove it?

Using a sponge and a paste of half baking soda and half vinegar wipe over the mirror or glass in circular motions. Then take a clean dry cloth or squeegee and wipe away the solution.

Top Tip: Add some lemon juice to the mix to get rid of the vinegar smell. If your mirror has a textured frame, wood or lead frame don’t use a squeegee incase you accidently get the solution on it.


Shine Solution:

Mirrors add light and make your rooms look spacious so keeping these focal points streak free will make a much bigger impact.

Add a mixture of 50% diluted White Vinegar or diluted Apple Cider Vinegar and 50% water to a spray bottle and use it to buff your glass in circular motions with a non-abrasive cloth.

As vinegar is not the homeliest of scents, why not try adding one of the following to your DIY solution:

Orange Peel  |  Lemon Peel  |  Cinnamon Sticks  |  Vanilla beans  |  Lavender

Cloves  |Rose Petals  |  Basil  |  Ginger  |  Thyme  |  Sage  |  Mint  |  Rosemary

Note: These ingredients are not to be used in dried powder form – This could damage your glass. Always buy fresh fruits and herbs.

Top tip: Mix some of the above ingredients to create your own personal home scent or if you prefer, use an essential oil such as peppermint or lavender. If you don’t want to make your own solution, buy an eco friendly one. Great eco brands include Alma Win, Ecover by Tesco, Astonish, Bio D and Method.

Frames and Trims

Frames often need to be cared for differently to the glass so be aware that vinegar is not always the solution. If your mirror has a textured or wood frame always use a soft haired brush to remove dust. Rubbing may cause damage to the surface of the frame or fibres from the cloth may get caught on the textured areas making it look dusty.


If you can’t get into the nooks of a frame invest in an artist’s paintbrush to get the dust out.

For any mirrors that have a lead trim avoid using vinegar and select a mild glass cleaner and spray directly on to a soft cloth, then gently buff the mirror, taking care to avoid the trim.

Top Tip: Spray the cloth when using vinegar solutions as the acidity could damage the frame if any spray lands on it.

Bonus Top Tip: Diluted vinegar can be used for many household cleaning tasks besides mirrors and glass but please do be careful not to use it on lead, marble or hard wood flooring.


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Posted By Christine Orr

Mirror or Art?

29/08/2015 09:26

Have you ever searched high and low for a painting that reflects you or your home – that complements the other art adorning your home or workspace? 

Whilst you are searching for your elusive treasure do you search for something that is truly unique, that not only will give you goose bumps every time you enter the room, but will also become a conversation starter amongst your friends or visitors?

Do you have a favourite piece of art that you have loved since before you could remember but you don’t just want to hang a standard replica?

If you have answered any of these questions with a ‘yes’ then a piece of mirrored art could be exactly what you are looking for.

Philip Orr, our in-house designer and mirror artist has created stunning pieces of art for customers who want more than just a simple mirror. They want something that evokes the vision and creativity of an artist, combined with the three dimensional beauty of a mirrored surface.

Some of Philip’s designs have been within specific parameters, for example to replicate the iconic ‘Kiss V’ by Roy Liechtenstein from 1964. This piece of artwork that was originally influenced by everyday life and the guilty pleasure of melodrama, translates beautifully into a mirrored format. The reflective surface enhances the melodrama and the bold colour accents bring a modern twist to the simplicity of the original 1960’s cartoon format. 

Other mirrored art projects have been more fluid in their brief and have allowed Philip to bring on board his own original ideas, set within the framework of a specific style. A great example of this is a piece entitled ‘High Society’.

If you know anything about Mirror Mania, you know that we adore the Art Deco period and we feel that the elegance of the era is brought to life via the properties of a mirrored surface. In this particular ode to the era of geometrical forms and symmetrical patterns, the reflective surfaces bring depth to the shadows and light to the silhouettes.

Possibly one of Philip’s most notable pieces of Mirror Art is his original ‘Rhapsody’. Featuring the warming tones of gold, amber and burnt orange, this piece is anything but understated. The stunning centerpiece alone measures 100cm wide, and with the 3D mirrored border, it is an awe-inspiring sight.

Philip Orr is fast becoming THE name in British Mirror Art and with each piece of work being signed by this talented British designer, a commissioned piece of work will be a piece to treasure and pass through the generations.

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Posted By Christine Orr

Mirrors provide a hugely versatile way to add instant style to a room with very little effort. Whilst statement mirrors can provide a stunning visual centerpiece, a more subtle approach with your mirror choice can also enhance an established colour theme in your room design.

Hitting the right note on the Colour Spectrum

Many people don’t even realize that mirrors can be made in a huge variety of colours. By choosing a mirror that is designed to fit within an existing colour palette, your mirror becomes a tool to reflect the prevailing beauty of a room.

For years you have been able to colour match the paint on your walls to a favourite cushion, sofa or painting. Imagine being able to colour match a mirror to suit your walls! Mirror Mania offers a beautiful yet simple concept in your mirror choice, which allows you to choose from a range of established colours and sizes or allows for a fully bespoke colour matching service to suit your taste or home décor. 

Taking our Spectrum and Vogue mirrors as examples, they are both available in 11 colours that have been developed over the years to fit with what our customers love. As part of our framed mirror ranges, you can choose a frame colour from subtle Smokey Grey or calming Sage Green, through to a Fiery Red or Purple tones. We do however love a new colour challenge and our fully bespoke colour matching service ensures the perfect match.

If you are looking to take your chosen colour beyond the frame and into the mirror itself and you want your mirror to introduce mre colours from your chosen palette, our Vision range is an engaging choice to consider. Inspired by the creative décor of modern living, these multi-coloured mirrors combine functional central mirrors with accents of colour within 13 popular colour sets including Red, Amber and Teal. Again, if you have your own colour palette in mind we can work with you to develop a set of colours that truly enhances your designated colour scheme.

If you want to go even further and make your mirror into a fantastic piece of abstract modern art, the colours in our VortexSunset and Jacaranda ranges can again all be made to any colour to complement your home décor.

Whilst we love modern mirrors at Mirror Mania, it would be remise to assume they suit everyone. If your tastes sway more towards the historical, our Warwick range of bespoke framed mirrors can also be made to any colour. The ultimate luxury mirror, the swept frame design in this range exudes grandeur. Here it is shown in Royal blue which would complement an authentic historical décor.

When looking to ascertain the best colour to enhance your home décor, look at the existing elements of your room for inspiration – the floor colour, the art work, the furniture and furnishings.

Choosing Your Colour

Remember that introducing a new colour to the room can influence the way existing colours and shades appear. For example putting a strong ocean blue in a room awash with subtle greys can make those grey’s start to look a little purple!

If you are still stuck for inspiration, paint colour charts from your local DIY store offer an abundance of ideas and are often categorised to show which colours complement each other.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Hitting the right colour note isn’t the only way to personalise your mirror. By choosing one that is made to measure, a dark corner that evades a standard size mirror becomes an illuminated space that draws you in, or a bland and empty spot above a sofa becomes a new focal point.

At Mirror Mania, we recognize the importance of the perfect mirror, so whilst we offer a variety of set sizes on all of our mirrors, we also offer a made to measure bespoke service to enhance your colour-matched design.

Your home décor is as personal as you are and with a mirror made specifically to complement the way you have chosen to adorn your home, a simple home accessory becomes a stunning enhancement.

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Posted By Christine Orr

A classic artistic style mirror and sofa can suit a variety styled living rooms and bedrooms and we understand that getting the right combination can be a pain, and a hard job if you are bombarded with options! Tip for those of you looking to enhance your living room or bedroom elegance: keep it simple. You do not need to overcrowd a room with tons of furniture, you just need to get it right (and get it right the first time). Following are five successful mirror and sofa combos from Mirror Mania and Meet Your Sofa that we believe can give you a guide into choosing the perfect combination you are looking for. 

1. Adriana Framed Wall Mirror + Willow Cuddle Chair

Perfect for a guest room, main bedroom, living room or house entrance, the combination of these two spell nothing but elegance and luxury. This chic cuddle chair gives a high quality cream effect that will be nothing but a wonderful addition to your room making it look simple but yet stylish. We think the Willow Cuddle Chair coupled with the Adriana Framed Wall Mirror would be ideal for a chic but yet modern living style home making it comfortable for a guest or yourself to pick up a book, sit and relax . The Adriana Framed Wall Mirror comes in various dimensions, so it is up to you to choose the ideal size that suits your room of choice.

2. Monica Natural Oak Framed Wall Mirror + Alton 3 Seater Sofa

Need a comfortable three seater sofa for your rustic yet stylish and traditional home?  Nothing would suit your living room better than Alton Three Seater Sofa. This sofa is perfect for family bonding time or relaxing, making it ideal for having a chat, watching movies, taking naps or reading a book. This spacious yet sophisticated Three Seater Sofa is perfect for making the time spent in the living room as comfortable as desired. With the addition of the Monica Natural Oak Framed Wall Mirror, we believe that this simple yet elegant and traditional combination of sofa and natural Oak-framed mirror is perfect for making your home cosy and stylish in a timeless way. The Monica Natural Oak Framed Wall Mirror is available in two shapes and comes in various dimensions, perfect to suit your ideal space!

3. Silver Hearts Wall Mirror + Edinburgh Corner Sofa

  Looking for a chic and stylish living room where you and your girls can have a wine of glass and relax after a busy week at work? This modern but yet stylish and luxurious combination, the Edinburgh Corner Sofa and Silver Hearts Wall Mirror, will do exactly that! The addition of the left hand arm sofa will allow you to relax after a busy day of work and read a book or just relax in the couch. If Vintage Herringbone Sapphire is not your fabric or colour, don't worry, The Edinburgh Corner Sofa is available in various different tones and fabrics varying from Vintage Heritage to House Chenille to House Velvet colours to name a few!

4. Vancouver Mosaic Modern Square Wall Mirror Bentley Armchair

  Here at For My House we understand that a modern, stylish and sturdy home is highly desirable these days and that is why we think the Bentley Armchair with the combination of a high quality handcrafted mosaic mirror like the Vancouver Mosaic Modern Square Wall Mirror is designed for the perfect modern home look! The addition of a dark coloured armchair, also available in a range of various fabrics House Velvet, Vintage Herringbone, House Cotton and Iona Wool colours, would do nothing but add glamour and style to your desired space!

5.  Abigail Modern Circled Wall Mirror + Knutsford Swivel Chair

  Here at Meet Your Sofa we understand that not all houses, rented or owned, have enough space for more than one sofa. That is why we believe the Knutsford Swivel Chair would be ideal for your home when is space is an issue! Working as a cosy hub for a couple or just as a private space for one person, the Knutsford Swivel Chair adds an elegant coloured touch to your room.  The Abigail Modern Circled Wall Mirror with soft golden metal frames needs an equal modern, stylish and glamorous sofa  to make your space stand out in luxury even when space is an issue! The Knutsford Swivel Chair is available in various colour tones in five different fabrics.

Feeling inspired? Create your dream sofa with Meet Your Sofa today! 

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Posted By Christine Orr

With spring on its way out and summer just around the corner many of us are starting to crave a bit of a decorating spell for our homes. It’s understandable – after all winter is past and we’re all keen to introduce some lightness and glitz into our homes and lives.

And certainly, here at Mirror Mania we have a range of summer mirrors and accessories to help dredge away any dullness from indoors. 

Let the light into your living room with coloured mirrored glass

Undoubtedly one way to add some bright some colour and light into any room or hallway in the home is to introduce a large mirror – and if it has glorious stand-out shades of orange, yellow and red in it then so much the better since these are summer shades which instantly make us feel more energised.

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Posted By Christine Orr

You may have noticed here at Mirror Mania that we have a bit of a ‘thing’ for Art Deco. We love its angular, geometric shapes, the chrome, glass, mirrors and the general ‘wackiness’ that comes from a deliberately ‘light’ style which flourished after the horrors of WW1.

It was a style which allowed all those gay young folk in particular to let their hair down and dance (we’ve surely all seen the movie Gatsby by now? Leonardo Di Caprio – remember?). And ,unlike in Downtown Abbey, this new period of dance and design wasn’t just restricted to the upper classes. No, everyone got to join in with the new fashion thanks to mass production.

But enough of the history lesson (if you’re reading this you’re probably a bit fan of the style anyway). So, here’s some of our favourite art design goodies from around the web:

How’s this for a bed? After a night doing the Charleston at some party or other you’d be desperate to just flop down here and take on a little shut up. This Keystone Art Deco Bed is designed and handcrafted by inspiring US furniture designer Joel Liebman. It’s produced from a mix of Quilted Maple, Birdeye Maple and Wenge wood. We like very much!

See what we mean about stunning geometric lines? Can you believe the art deco ring above was once a silver teaspoon? It’s true! Jewellery designer Julie of Okehampton in England creates a whole series of rings and earrings from vintage silver and which she then sells via her online shop Bracken Jewellery on Etsy. This one is our current favourite.

This original design A3 Art Deco print contains the lovely W H Auden quote Dance Till the Stars come down from the Rafters and would no doubt look great in any room – even framed above the loo! It’s produced by sisters Ruth and Kate Sampson of Canterbury and available at their online shop Red Gate Arts on Etsy. 

One of the best books we’ve read on Art Deco in recent years is Norbert Wolf’s impressive tomb. It takes in Art Deco art, furniture and fashion from its first emergence after World War 1 to the present day. It pays plenty of attention to the period between the two world wars when the style was everywhere. But the book isn’t just about aesthetics, it also looks at how Art Deco was also influenced by European culture and politics at the time. A good read and a great-looking coffee table book, it can be bought at OnlineBookFair.

And finally, we couldn’t end this blog post without contributing a little Art Deco piece of our own. Hand designed by our own Phillip Orr, at his glass studio here in Norfolk, this colourful and fun Orion Art Deco wall mirror is inspired by a Frank Lloyd-Wright classic. It has a diamond cut circular crystal bevel and comes in silver, gold or ebony trim, as well as another six accent colours to match whatever room in the house you plan to place it.

Inspired to go Art Deco shopping now? We are.

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With the lighter nights about to arrive and spring itself just round the corner, many of us start to crave a bit of a decorating spell for our homes. It’s understandable – after all winter is definitely on its way out and it’s time to introduce some lightness and glitz into our homes and lives.

Here at Mirror Mania we’re no exception. In fact, we have been looking through our range of ‘lighter, spring-like’ mirrors and accessories to help dredge away the dullness from your indoors. 

Let the light into your living room with coloured mirrored glass

Undoubtedly one way to some bright some colour and light into any room or hallway in your home is to introduce a large mirror – and if it has glorious stand-out shades of orange, yellow and red in it then so much the better since these are spring and summer shades which instantly make us feel more alive when we encounter them.

Some of our stand-out mirrors in this respect are in the Vision multi colour range (pictured below). We reckon the candy and the pink are particular shades of colour gorgeousness for this time of year. The vertical bands of colour on either side look fantastic as an accent colour when matched with curtains or cushions in a similar shade and can help transform a darker room to make it fit for the brighter days and spring/summer.

With the lighter nights about to arrive and spring itself just round the corner, many of us start to crave a bit of a decorating spell for our homes. It’s understandable – after all winter is definitely on its way out and it’s time to introduce some lightness and glitz into our homes and lives.

Here at Mirror Mania we’re no exception. In fact, we have been looking through our range of ‘lighter, spring-like’ mirrors and accessories to help dredge away the dullness from your indoors. 

Let the light into your living room with coloured mirrored glass

Undoubtedly one way to some bright some colour and light into any room or hallway in your home is to introduce a large mirror – and if it has glorious stand-out shades of orange, yellow and red in it then so much the better since these are spring and summer shades which instantly make us feel more alive when we encounter them.

Some of our stand-out mirrors in this respect are in the Vision multi colour range (pictured below). We reckon the candy and the pink are particular shades of colour gorgeousness for this time of year. The vertical bands of colour on either side look fantastic as an accent colour when matched with curtains or cushions in a similar shade and can help transform a darker room to make it fit for the brighter days and spring/summer.

Another great way of adding some brightness and a definite spring and summer feel to your home is to introduce themed lighting. We have two particular ranges which just hit the spot beautifully in this respect, we feel.

First up is the Hummingbird range of beautiful table lamps, pendants and wall lights depict small birds and flowers on a pretty blue background. As you’ll note the design is traditional Tiffany which also gives it a fun aspect to the range, wouldn’t you agree?


Still on the Tiffany design, there’s also the Melody range with its beautiful roses in rich red, pastel pink and soft yellow. This is more of a summer range while the Hummingbird version has a definite spring feel.


For a real splash of colour this spring and summer though you couldn’t get any more bright and dazzling than the Tiffany Peony range. We love this ceiling light with its dainty pinks and lavender mixed in with those dazzling reds and turquoise petals.

So how about you? Any plans to do a spring or summer make-over? If so we’d love to hear about the type of items you’d like to see on

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You’ll no doubt remember that not so long ago director Buz Luhrmann’s smash hit movie The Great Gatsby brought Art Deco style to the forefront of just about every Western designer’s mind. Home wares and fashion stylists it seemed couldn’t get enough of this suddenly popular-once-again1920s and 30s look. But really, although we liked the renewed interest, a love of Art Deco had always been there for us diehard fans. Roam amongst the internet and you’ll find thousands of Art Deco interior design and fashion bloggers who feel the same way, for instance. Here at Mirror Mania we’ve actually devoted a whole mirror category (seven pages in all) in homage to this wonderful period of 1920s and 30s design.

Take our Dakota Art Deco Over mantle mirror for instance. It wouldn’t look out of place above Jay Gatsby’s mantelpiece in one of his many mansion house rooms. The mirror’s large oval-shaped central piece is bordered by vertical double panels of jet black and reflective glass while the item as a whole is trimmed in glitzy silver – the metal being so reminiscence of such an ornate and unconventional design period.

But if you prefer your Art Deco a tad flashier then perhaps you’ve more of a fondness for the Charleston fan-shaped Art Deco mirror. This piece, with its jagged edges and bold bronze trim, is one of our personal favourites. Can’t you just see those daring, gorgeous flapper girls twirling around with several of these mirrors artfully placed in the background? It’s been trimmed in silver but fans of gold and ebony gold trim can rest assured they won’t end up disappointed.

Meanwhile, we fancy the following piece is the type of mirror the gorgeous Daisy Buchanan regularly peered into in her hallway in order to touch up her red blusher or straighten her natty headpiece. The Orion Art Deco round mirror is our own interpretation of a classic Frank Lloyd-Wright piece. The prolific US architect and interior designer was a huge fan of placing geometric shapes and glass.

Our mirror echoes that style and comes in a variety of colours to match the room’s theme. This includes the calm green shade shown, as well as soft blue, vivid red, aubergine, natural brown, aubergine and turquoise. Again the trim is in silver, gold or ebony. Note the stylish Barcelona Chair in the reflection – the Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was all the rage when it was first introduced to an impressed public in the early 1930s.

When it comes to stunning and complex Art Deco mirror design we would have to hand over that mantle to our Amelia Art Deco mirror. What makes this particular design so complex? Well there’s the not-so-little matter of the intricately arched top corners and triple layers of jet black glass for starters. Then there is the sheer size of the piece. Almost full-length, this gorgeous mirror would have been perfect in Daisy’s bedroom, allowing her to check that the dress she was wearing for that evening’s cocktail party was indeed fashionably just one inch below the knee.

The above are just a selection of Art Deco mirrors we stock here at Mirror Mania. Take a look through our website for more design styles. If you’re a fan of this design style we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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As if you haven't already noticed the shop signs seemingly accosting you wherever you venture on the High Street nowadays, it's Mother's Day in a few weeks time. Or Sunday, March 15 to be precise. And for us here at Mirror Mania that means stocking up with a plentiful supply of our popular glass perfume bottles and other cut glass accessories. 

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When is a mirror not a mirror? Answer: when it’s a bold and stunning piece of wall art.

Framed (or unframed) glass can be used as a focal point for your room (any room that is), rather than as an ornamental accessory which we tend to traditionally place above the fireplace or parallel to the console table in the hallway.

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They've been around for just over a century now but we reckon they're not going anywhere fast. Far from it, in fact.

Tiffany lamps are pretty much a mainstay of our homes these days. And there's a good reason for that. These eye-catching brass and coloured glass ornamental accessories don't just add colour and interest to a room - they also add a definite touch of glamour. 

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Valentine’s Day – let’s face it, this can be a pretty tricky 24 hours to live through if you happen to be male.

Those who have recently embarked on a new romance will find that flowers – especially roses - are a safe bet (if a little clichéd). Chocolates too are usually a big hit, unless she’s desperate to lose a few pounds.

Valentine’s gifts for long term partners and wives, on the other hand, can be a bit of a minefield to navigate round. Such a purchase in this case requires plenty of thought, we’ve found here at Mirror Mania (thanks to an unofficial survey amongst staff and loyal customers).

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Get Creative this Christmas with Stunning Mirrors, Lighting and Crystal Glassware

With December fast approaching it’s definitely time to start thinking about Christmas and all that entails. Here at we like to get off the mark quickly when it comes to seasonal shopping.  And we bet you do too. So… that’s why, in the following weeks , we’ll be discounting a large range of mirrors, lighting and crystal glassware – all of which has been specially chosen to make a perfect present for that someone special in your life.

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Have you ever seen a home decoration that was perfectly suited to the style of your home decor apart from the size? Maybe everything about the piece was suited to the interior design of your home but the colour was not to your liking. Here at Mirror Mania we don’t want you to be limited which is why we offer a made to measure mirror design service meaning if one of our exclusive mirrors catches your eye we will happily create this to your bespoke design specifications.

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Because all of our mirrors are handmade in our workshop by our highly skilled team of specialist designers led by one of the UK’s leading mirror artists Phillip Orr, we are extremely adept and capable of working to bespoke requirements and creating mirror masterpieces according to your design instruction. Our handmade mirrors can be custom made to suit your dimensions and style which is why Mirror Mania are considered one of the leading providers of quality bespoke mirrors. 

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Although lighting is considered a necessity in any room, this does not mean you can’t get creative and use clever lighting to enhance features and create a specific mood. Creative lighting tricks can transform a room and help complement the interior design. 

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First created around 1895, Tiffany lamps have gone on to become one of the most popular styles of lamp and are considered part of the decorative art category, Art Nouveau. Tiffany lamps are one of the most distinctive styles of lamp and are instantly recognisable for their eye catching design that incorporates stained glass.

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It is no secret that lighting has the ability to transform that which it illuminates. Photographers use clever lighting techniques to add effects to an image. You can also use clever lighting around your home in order to add ambience or emphasise certain areas. Here at Mirror Mania we provide a variety of lighting options from luxury crystal chandeliers, to Tiffany style desk lamps and many more. When you choose lighting for your home or office, it is important to consider the different lighting options. 

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We take for granted many household objects, especially those that adorn our walls but have you ever wondered when we started hanging pictures, clocks and mirrors on our walls as standard? Well we can’t tell you about the origins and history of pictures and clocks but we can give a bit more information on when mirrors first started to become accepted as wall hangings and household decorations. After all, we wouldn’t be the highly regarded mirror artists and providers that we are today if we didn’t have an interest in mirrors as a whole. So what are the humble beginnings of the practical use of mirrors and how have they gone on to become the mirror wall art we know today, appealing for not only their practicality but for their aesthetic pleasure too?

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We might be known and most renowned for our unique and decorative ornate mirror art and although that would be the case we are also adept at providing a range of alternative items that we are able to design thanks to our highly skilled team of mirror artists. We provide clocks, wall decorations and much more that has been crafted out of decorative glass. Why not check out our selection of unusual accessories.

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This month Mirror Mania are proud to announce the launch of yet more exclusive mirror designs within our Art Deco range. Here at Mirror Mania we like to keep our customers up to date on the latest products to hit our shelves. The designs of the exclusive mirrors within the Art Deco range are inspired by the French art form and are popular for their modern style and glamour.

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Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and although many choose to celebrate it in their own special way a common aspect of Valentine’s is gift buying. Finding the perfect gift can be tedious and frustrating. There is an abundance of tacky gift ideas out there and while these are cute in their own way if you’re looking for real romance only the most well thought out and special gift will do and custom made exclusive mirrors are the perfect gift to express your love for someone as well as demonstrating your creative flair.

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Style and quality does not come cheap and it is often said that you get what you pay for but that does not mean that it has to break the bank and there are ways and means of getting around a hefty price tag. January is a financially tight month for most people which is why here at Mirror Mania we want to lessen the impact our handmade mirrors will have on your wallet and we are currently offering up to 50% off on selected designs within our range of clearance mirrors.

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Your home is your sanctuary and a place where you can allow the decor and wall art to reflect your personality and style. A great way to combine practicality and artistic flair is to include mirror art around your home. 

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Anyone familiar with art will be familiar with the term art nouveau. For those that are not, Art Nouveau is a style of decorative art. This can also refer to architecture and design. Here at Mirror Mania when we think Art Nouveau, we think of our range of intricately designed Art Nouveau Mirrors.

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Mirrors are not only practical to have around your home, they can also be a stand out feature that adds charm and style to whichever room they are in. Large mirrors are even said to make rooms appear larger than they actually are. This is a welcome benefit for small rooms that are in danger of seeming cramped and confined. We understand that it can be a struggle to find the perfect mirror to fit your own decor and many people already have a design in mind. 

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Here at Mirror Mania we specialise in creating stunning handmade mirrors that are more like works of art than mirrors! Each is hand crafted by leading British mirror artist Phillip Orr, who creates unique and exclusive designs that simply aren’t available anywhere else.

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Mirrors are the perfect finishing touch to your home’s decor, though finding the mirror that exactly reflects your style and complements your home can be difficult. That’s why we at Mirror Mania offer a custom made mirror service, where you can design every aspect of your mirror to suit you.

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All the bespoke mirrors we offer are manufactured in our UK workshop using special patented glass and mirror crafting techniques. Our talented team have created hundreds of stunning flat and 3D mirrors and we are confident we can create a masterpiece especially for you.

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